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100 years ago: Police arrest several men in downtown gambling raid

November 11, 2012


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Nov. 11, 1912:

  • “The police yesterday afternoon swooped down upon a room upstairs in the 700 block of Massachusetts street, caught seven young men engaged in a lively Pitch game, with money involved, and took the entire party prisoners. At the police station they all furnished bond for their appearance in court this evening. It is understood that the entire lot will plead guilty to the charge of gambling…. The place has been under suspicion for some time and yesterday when the men were seen to gather at the resort the police determined to make an investigation and caught the bunch with the game at its height. It is said that these games have been in progress for some time both at the place raided yesterday and at other places in town. The shadow of suspicion has fallen upon a large number of young men and it is rumored that more arrests may follow. It is also understood that three of the number suspected have made haste to leave the city and avoid the clutches of the law…. Most of the men involved are youths of very immature ages and most of them come from good homes.”
  • “District Court convened this morning in the regular November term. Judge Smart came up from Ottawa and will remain until the end of the session of the court. The criminal docket was the first to be taken up. It is estimated that the criminal cases will consume almost the entire week and may possibly hold over until next week.”
  • “Europe is facing one of the most critical weeks in its history. It may end in a war in which the whole continent will be involved or it may be remembered as a week in which diplomacy succeeded in solving problems that appeared insolvable. On one side of the Balkan peninsula there is an acute conflict between Austria-Hungary and Servia, which if it is not arranged, might start a general European outbreak. On the other side King Ferdinand and the Bulgarian army is on the point of entering Constantinople and that will be resented by Russia.”


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