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100 years ago: Election fallout: Women’s suffrage issue came between co-workers

November 7, 2012


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Nov. 7, 1912:

  • "Douglas County returned a plurality of 300 votes in favor of the Roosevelt electors, according to the almost complete figures that have been obtained on the Tuesday voting. The vote in several country precincts on the Presidential electors and several other offices was not obtainable and the exact vote will not be known until after the official canvass of the votes. According to the figures now in, Roosevelt polled a total of 1,800 votes in this county, Wilson 1,549 and Taft 942. In every ward in the city the majority was in favor of the Colonel with Wilson running second in every ward."
  • "In one of the manufacturing institutions of this city two men have been spending most of their spare time discussing suffrage. One was opposed and the other for. Just before election a straw vote was taken and on one ballot a man opposed to suffrage wrote: 'For Taft. To hell with the vimmins.' When the result was known the man opposed to suffrage was very angry and when he met his friend who had favored the measure he said: 'Now I hopes your vife runs for office and you have to keep a hired girl. It serves you right.'"
  • "Because they had associated with a dog found to have been infected with rabies, three others of the canine tribe were killed this morning by the police. Two fine bird dogs, the property of Crawford McClung, were among the number. The other dog was owned by Chas. McCurdy. These three dogs were killed as a precautionary measure and because they had been with the diseased animal and might possibly have been bitten by him. City Marshal Meyers has ordered that all dogs in the neighborhood of the 800 block of New Hampshire must be chained. He insisted that they must be chained up and that muzzling will not be satisfactory.
  • "The Music Club of Lawrence will observe its twentieth anniversary with a banquet in the I.O.O.F. small hall on November 14th. The attendance will be limited to present and former members and, as for many years the membership has been composed entirely of women, no men will be invited. The affair is to be quite elaborate. Bob Wagstaff will be the caterer and plates will be $1.00. The ladies are taking quite an interest n the matter and hope to make the banquet one of the most enjoyable ever served in the city."


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