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100 years ago: Kansas women win right to vote; Woodrow Wilson wins presidency

November 6, 2012


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Nov. 6, 1912:

  • "Women's Suffrage in Kansas carried by a majority of 50,000 according to indications of returns from scattered parts of the state. Up to an early hour this afternoon a comparison of ballots in a dozen precincts indicated that not more than two-thirds of the men took the trouble to mark the suffrage ballot. Dozens of them were returned to the boxes without being opened.... The City of Lawrence returned a vote in favor of the amendment, there being a total of 935 for and 705 against it, in the five wards in which the count had been made."
  • "Overturning the big Republican majority in the states never before captured by the Democrats in a presidential election, the Wilson-Marshall ticket was swept into office yesterday on a wave of victory that carried with it state officers, congressional seats and the control of several legislatures that will have opportunity to oust Republicans from the United States senate and add to the Democrats' strength there."
  • "A large crowd gathered in and in front of the Journal-World last night and a large part of it standing in the rain heard the reports as they were received at the office. It was a demonstrative crowd and applauded the returns as they came in showing their favorite in the lead.... A big crowd of Kansas University boys and evidently Woodrow Wilson men were down and joined in the noise with their college yells. The crowd lingered until the wee small hours of the night and many were reluctant to leave then.... Not a small part of the Journal-World's election day attraction was Prof. Stimpson's picture show which made a great hit with the election followers. The figures of the election together with a large number of original comic slides fitting to the occasion were thrown on the screen and made a decided hit with the spectators.... The lantern service was undoubtedly the best ever given in Lawrence which was due to the efficient work of Prof. Stimpson -- the Aurora and Grand theaters, the Lawrence Railway and Light Company and others [who] co-operated by turning out their lights."


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