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November 5, 2012


Michael Vesco, 47, Lawrence, and Carol Hammons, 44, Lawrence.

Jeremy Childers, 35, Lawrence, and Monica Plake, 30, Lawrence.

Kyle Purdon, 23, Lawrence, and Kelsey Sills, 23, Lawrence.

Travis Lower, 28, Lawrence, and Janell Hoffman, 31, Lawrence.

Clinton Kotchvar, 31, Mill Creek, Wash., and Jenna Dollar, 23, Mill Creek, Wash.

Blake Warford, 24, Lawrence, and Tiffany Taber, 30, Lawrence.

David Coleman, 47, Lawrence, and Michelle Shelly, 46, Lawrence.

Marvin Schaal, 40, Lawrence, and Mindy Cassin,31, Lawrence.

Brett Ellis, 35, Lawrence, and Ali Ladner, 28, Lawrence.

Steven Davis, 28, Lawrence, and Sanae Akaba, 35, Lawrence.

Braska Shoemaker, 22, Lawrence, and Amber Mendez, 22, Lawrence.

Michael Pisciotta, 25, Lawrence, and Nina Sandidge, 29, Lawrence.

Jeffrey Cammarata, 22, Lawrence, and Courtnie Scott, 22, Lawrence.

Randal Sharp, 28, Lawrence, and Amanda George, 24, Lawrence.

Dylan Coursen, 35, Lawrence, and Nicoletta Pershall, 32, Lawrence.

Richard Paslay, 51, Meriden, and Edith Thornburgh, 53, Meriden.

Brian Garland, 26, Cedar Park, Texas, and Lindsey Quinn, 26, Cedar Park, Texas.

Peter James, III, 31, Overland Park, and Monica Neuman, 28, Overland Park.

Mark Schmidt, 27, Overland Park, and Emily Smith, 22, Olathe.

Robert Sauder, 26, Lawrence, and Lacy Myers, 23, Lawrence.

Martin Winkler, 62, Lawrence, and Maureen Martin, 59, Lawrence.

Zackary Collins, 29, Lawrence, and Tonyell Ray, 29, Lawrence.

Andrew Noyes, 24, Shawnee and Jessica Schmitt, 25, Shawnee.

James Hoffman, 28, Kansas City, Mo., and Kelly Dickens, 36, Kansas City, Mo.


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