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Missing Free State student returns home unharmed

November 4, 2012, 4:05 p.m. Updated November 4, 2012, 9:56 p.m.


A 16-year-old Lawrence girl who had been missing since Friday evening returned home Sunday evening, according to her family.

The family of Chelsea R. Tebe, a Free State High School student, had taken to social media throughout the weekend, seeking help in locating her. The girl had not been heard from since Friday night.

The family had also filed a police report.

Chelsea's mother, Charity Tebe, contacted the Journal-World Sunday evening and reported that Chelsea had returned safely and was not harmed during her absence.

Charity Tebe said she wanted to thank the many people who had helped spread the word about her daughter.


Shaun Hittle 4 years ago

We hope to have a photo up soon.

Shaun LJW

bearded_gnome 4 years ago

very scarey. I hope she is found safe, soon!

worden747 4 years ago

I know exactly how that mother felt, my son did something similar when he was in Junior High!! It was a Monday and he did not come home from school at his regular time!! I called all of his friends and the school to see if there had been some after school event that he was attending, they all said no they had not seen him!! This was the mid 80s when my husband came home from work he went looking and I called his grandmother and aunt and they also hadn't seen him!! When my husband returned we called the police and our minister!! At 10 O'clock our son called us and asked for a ride home, he had went over to a new friends house and was playing with him! He could not tell us why he didn't call to ask if he could go and the parents of this boy did not even tell him to call home and they didn't offer him supper, he played outside why they ate!! I would like to tell you that he was harshly punished but was so glad that my fears were not realized!!

Cait McKnelly 4 years ago

This is my granddaughter. I cannot begin to tell you how I am feeling right now.

Mr. Hittle, this is a recent photo.

Katara 4 years ago

Cait48, I hope she is found safe and sound.

Kathy Theis-Getto 4 years ago

Cait, sending positive energy your way.

Cait McKnelly 4 years ago

Thank you ladies. I'm doing everything I can to keep from crying. I live 4 states away and there is nothing I can do. I can't sit by the phone. I can't help in the search. I can't even sit and hold my daughter's hand.
So I sit her by my own phone, play with Paint, talk on Facebook, post on other threads and do what I can to keep from going crazy.

StirrrThePot 4 years ago

Praying for her safe return, and for her family too.

classclown 4 years ago

Curious as to why this is not placed up top as breaking news. I've seen much less serious issues that people could care less about given that designation and kept there the entire day.

Secondly why no Amber Alert? What are the rules concerning the Amber Alert system that this girl is not on it?

At any rate, highlight this as breaking news LJW in order to make more people aware of the situation and hopefully find this girl.

Shaun Hittle 4 years ago

As for the Amber Alert, here are the requirements:

The caveat is that law enforcement must be the ones to activate this. We have been trying to touch base with them on all this.

Shaun LJW

wilson42 4 years ago

This is my cousin and we are all very scared. Please Lawrence someone knows something. Help us bring my cousin home. We love her and need her to be found. Chelsea if you see this please contact someone!

Amy Heeter 4 years ago

Oh my, hope she is found safe very soon.

Shane Garrett 4 years ago

Cait48 and Rik, I sure hope she is found soon and all is okay. We will say a prayer for your family tonight.

northtowngrl 4 years ago

Oh cait48! I truly hope she is found safe and sound soon! My prayers are with your family.

Cait McKnelly 4 years ago

Thank all of you for being a caring community. I can't begin to tell you how much this means to me.

Jerry Salisbury 4 years ago

I have passed this on via Facebook, thoughts and prayers for a safe return soon

paisley 4 years ago


Stayinpositive 4 years ago

It says the last time they heard from her was a text. Who's phone did she text from? Seems like there should be an amber alert issued! Praying she is found safe SOON.

Cait McKnelly 4 years ago

She sent some photos to her dad from a friend's phone at school that day. That was the last she was heard from.

kansanbygrace 4 years ago

Thoughts and prayers for Chelsea's safe and prompt return home, Wish there was something more we could do to help.

xratedsgirl 4 years ago

It says family is searching...are the police actively searching? I have reposted on facebook, I can't even imagine what this family is going through. Keeping you all in my thoughts for a safe return. I guess I dont understand why this does not met criteria of an amber alert. Are they suggestion she is a run away, or no foul play? I also qustion why this is not on the front page of LJWORLD, I had to scroll down to find it? To the family there is a fb page called seeking the lost....they're network of people are endless try that.

frankfussman 4 years ago

It appears to be on the front page now.

cowboy 4 years ago

prayers for her safe return home

rlmtyco 4 years ago

prayers will be said for her safe return home.

wilson42 4 years ago

Just got word that she has been found safe. I dont have details as to where. Thank you everyone for all the thoughts and prayers.

Cait McKnelly 4 years ago

Chelsea has been found and is home safe! No details yet.
I've been told it was because of this article and the publicity that she was found.
A HUGE THANK YOU to the LJ World. And Shaun, I owe you.
Now, I am going to go have a big relief cry and eat a box of chocolates.

Katara 4 years ago

I am so glad that she is okay and back home! I hope the best for her and your family!

costello 4 years ago

What a relief to log on to ljworld this morning and see she's home!

Catalano 4 years ago

I'm going to have a simpatico bite of a Hersey bar! YAY!

matahari 4 years ago

9 times out of 10 these kids go "missing' on their own accord1

Cait McKnelly 4 years ago

It doesn't make it any less dangerous.

Amy Heeter 4 years ago

Sometimes they are killed. It's difficult to know which, but better to be on safe side and file a report. It could have fine the other way. Ttere are plenty of cases where it has.

Tim Quest 4 years ago

Next headline: Local Teen Grounded Until Age of 18

Cait McKnelly 4 years ago

You better believe it! (My husband said, "Dam skippy!)

kernal 4 years ago

I was thinking more like until she's 32!

Cait, I am so glad everything turned out alright.

midwestmom 4 years ago

So, so happy to hear she's safe and at home with her family!!

bearded_gnome 4 years ago


now, because of my training I notice this: she's 5ft 6 and 200lb, lip pierced. and whatever happened this weekend. to me, prior to this wekend, she needed some therapy/counseling, and I hope she gets it.

take good care of this little gem of a girl, she needs it.
she's crying out for help.
I'm so glad of this news!

one2no 4 years ago

Ok 5'6" 200 I don't think she was hiding out in a shoe box,lol. Maybe we need some parenting,parenting,parenting.

Amy Heeter 4 years ago

Bi doubt the parents are addressing this. A cell phone may have helped the situation though

Kathy Theis-Getto 4 years ago

...and you know the parenting style how? Unbelievable juvenile comments.

I am so glad she is safe, cait.

Amy Heeter 4 years ago

Wow, you're looking for s fight where there is none. I didn't say anything about parenting style. Feel free to drink another cup if coffee

Kathy Theis-Getto 4 years ago

"Bi doubt the parents are addressing this." Coffee is bad for you.

just_another_bozo_on_this_bus 4 years ago

So many most posters so pleased with the opportunity to express their busybody judgmentalism.

jhawkinsf 4 years ago

A few, yes. Mostly, though, thoughts of good will and hope. Even from frequent antagonists. There are times we should all come together as a community. This is one of them.

Amy Heeter 4 years ago

In the beginning maybe. In the end no danger. Now its a private matter. Darn dhsme so many resources were wasted though.

Quigebo 4 years ago

Taking a look at Miss Tebe's Twitter posts ( ) will shed some light on this 16-year-olds issues, which appear to include .... well, just read for yourself.

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