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100 years ago: Warning for voters: Suffrage amendment on separate ballot

November 4, 2012


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Nov. 4, 1912:

  • "The rural carriers are feeling as comfortable today as stockholders in a big corporation after a fat dividend has been paid, all because they have received their first pay checks since their wages were increased from $1,000 to $1,100 a year. The monthly pay check now calls for $91.66 and the increase of $8.33 per month is mighty welcome to the boys. Lawrence has a fine lot of rural carriers and their patrons will rejoice with them over their increased pay."
  • "The suffrage amendment is not included in the regular ballot to be used at the election tomorrow but will be on a separate ballot. Voters will be supplied with the suffrage ballot when they enter the booths. Should the judges fail to hand the voter a suffrage ballot a request will obtain one.... The suffrage campaign in Douglas county will close tonight with a number of meetings over the country. Tomorrow the women will have workers at all of the polling places."
  • "Sixty-five years ago yesterday Lathrop Bullene was a young man only 21 years of age and a happy bridegroom. Susan Read Bullene was a blushing, happy bride only seventeen years old. Yesterday these two observed the sixty-fifth anniversary of the event that made them man and wife. For over 65 years these two have been waging the battles of life together, but they are hale and hearty in their old age and thoroughly enjoyed the day with their family yesterday. Mr. Bullene is now 86 years old while his bride is 82 but both of them are enjoying splendid health."
  • "October was only an average month, according to the official figures kept at the University. No records were broken during the month and on the whole it was a very pleasant month with a mean temperature a little above the average. The only unusual figures that the month can claim are 2.1 inches of snow on the last of the month. This has been exceeded but twice in the month of October."
  • "All trains from the west on both the Union Pacific and Santa Fe were late yesterday on account of a heavy snow storm in Colorado and Western Kansas."


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