100 years ago: J-W to provide Election Day updates for ‘news-hungry public’

From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Nov. 2, 1912:

  • “As has always been its custom the Journal-World will keep open house on Tuesday evening for the benefit of the news-hungry public. On Tuesday one of the biggest events in the country for many years will take place and the public wants to know the results. The Journal-World will have these results as fast as they can be obtained and will give them out with equally as much speed…. First on the program will be the Picture Show. A lantern will be installed n the second story on this evening and the picture man will flash the pictures on a screen across the street. As fast as figures arrive at the office they will be given the public on the screen which will be placed on the front of the Zuttermeister building. This plan has been tried out before and has been found to be the most successful and satisfactory method of giving out election news. Prof. E. F. Stimpson owns the lantern and will have the charge of this feature…. The outside reports will come via the Western Union and will arrive at the office over the Journal-World’s special wire. These reports will be copied in the office and no time will be lost in getting them onto the screen…. A special room is to be equipped for the use of lady visitors who wish to come down town and get the returns…. Special telephones will be installed so that all who cannot come down to the office can get the returns by calling the office for the phone.”
  • “Oklahoma this afternoon defeated Kansas 6 to 5 in one of the most grueling contests seen on McCook Field this season. Oklahoma hammered the Kansas line which failed to put up a very creditable resistance.”
  • “Joe. W. Bersick of 1516 New Hampshire street sustained a broken rib, a broken arm and other injuries when a bannister fell at McCook Field this afternoon carrying with it about fifty people who were observing the game. Berwick was the only one to sustain serious injuries. The accident occurred on the last play of the game when the crowd surged against it in its excitement and tore it from its fastenings.”
  • “A jack-o-lantern in a window at 700 Rhode Island street caught fire Halloween night and a call was sent in to the department. However, the loss was limited to the lantern.”