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100 years ago: Automobile owners asked to help area veterans

May 29, 2012


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for May 29, 1912:

  • "The veterans of the Civil war are growing old. They were great walkers in their day and marched without faltering over the hills, through water and across the fields but today their steps are slow and they cannot endure the long walks. Tomorrow is Decoration Day on which these old veterans pay tribute to those of their ranks who died in battle and since the war. Each year they visit the cemeteries and decorate these men's graves. This year the auto club has been asked to aid these men in this work by lending their machines for an hour or so tomorrow morning to carry the old warriors from their homes to the cemeteries, and no doubt they will respond to the call. This is a custom that is growing all over the country where the auto owners are aiding the old veterans in the observances of the day. They cannot walk to the cemeteries and it is hard to secure enough wagons to take care of all who wish to go, while there are plenty of cars for all."
  • "E. S. Weatherby, one of the proprietors of the Lawrence Business College, is of the opinion that business conditions in the country are much better now than they have been for some time previous. He bases his opinion upon the many calls he receives for stenographers, bookkeepers and general office helpers. 'There has never been a time,' said Mr. Weatherby, 'when we have had so many calls for help. There is a constant demand and we have not been able to supply half of the employees that were wanted.' This will be encouraging news to everyone. Men do not hire help unless they need it, and during dull times hands are laid off rather than added."


Ron Holzwarth 5 years, 11 months ago

Sarah, I have a complaint. It is about obvious and blatant discrimination.

The 'Sound Off' column has links at the top of the page so that readers can easily find previous columns with a couple mouse clicks, but your columns do not.

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