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100 years ago: Votes for Women? Local businessmen share their opinions

May 26, 2012


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for May 26, 1912:

  • "Half-Minute Interviews [from the special Women's Suffrage edition]: 'I have always been in favor of woman's suffrage. It belongs to them by a moral right.' -- Chancellor Frank Strong.... 'I believe that equal suffrage is a good thing. The average woman reads the political dope in the papers when her husband is more interested in other items.' -- C. E. Decker.... 'Women were last at the cross, and first at the tomb. They are last on the field of battle, and first in the ranks of peace." -- Jno. C. Evans.... 'I believe that woman's suffrage is near at hand and that, properly handled and avoiding that publicity which is unbecoming in woman, it will prove to be a good thing.' -- H. B. Bullene.... 'Kansas will soon have equal suffrage and all other states should follow. It is not right for one portion of mankind to be governed by another.' -- H. B. Ober.... 'Give them all the suffrage they want.' -- A. D. Weaver.... 'I don't object to woman's suffrage but I don't see yet what good it will do. I believe, however, that women should be represented when they are heads of households and taxpayers.' -- Harry Dick.... 'I was in favor of equal suffrage years ago.' -- P. H. Pierce.... 'I believe that woman's place is the home.' -- J. Gordon Gibb.... 'Why shouldn't women vote?' -- Sol. Marks."
  • [Advertisements] "After the grippe, pneumonia or typhoid fever, take Hood's Sarsaparilla -- it restores health and strength." ... "Those meals and rooms at the Savoy Hotel, 846 Vermont street, are the best for the money in Lawrence, try them." ... "First Sacker Konetchy -- Do you suppose for a minute he'd be the clever player he is; strong batter, a leading 1st baseman if he didn't keep in the pink of condition? He drinks COCA-COLA because it helps -- one glass quenches the thirst, relieves fatigue of brain and body -- refreshes -- and has no come back. Demand the Genuine -- Refuse Substitutes." ... "The real cause of poor health can always be traced to a weak stomach and clogged bowels, but this condition can be quickly remedied by taking HOSTETTER'S Stomach Bitters. Try it today. It does the work." ... "Rip Out Your Dress Shields -- Fire 'Em Quick! You Won't Need Them Any More -- If You Use PERSPI-NO! You can go to a dance, to the theatre, concert, or any social affair, feeling sure that you will never be humiliated or be in perfect misery because of arm-pit perspiration."


Ron Holzwarth 5 years, 11 months ago

"'I believe that woman's place is the home.' -- J. Gordon Gibb"

I read something like that a while back. But it was just a bit different:

"A woman's place is in the house, and in the senate." - a political slogan of the 1970s

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