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$1,900 reported stolen in forgery

May 25, 2012


According to a Lawrence police report, $1,900 was stolen April 23 from Capital City Bank, 3140 Nieder Road, in a forgery. A bank employee made a report to police on Tuesday. Knology of Kansas is also listed as a victim.


pace 6 years ago

How, the police wouldn't take a forgery complaint from me, when I got a bum check. They said to go to the County attorney, who said, they would do nothing.

Cant_have_it_both_ways 6 years ago

Knology of Kansas is also listed as a victim. +++++++++++++++++++++++ If your internet service is a lousy as mine, I question how Knology can consider themselves a victim? Man do I miss sunflower.

Scott Overfield 6 years ago

Isn't that Central National Bank? Capital City Bank is downtown.

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