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25 years ago: KU band alumnus creates endowment

May 23, 2012


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for May 23, 1987:

  • In the interests of keeping the Kansas University band competitive with those of other universities, a KU alumnus had created an endowment that would provide an annual scholarship. "In celebration of my 50th anniversary of graduation from KU, I wanted to make this gift," said Eugene Morgan, Overland Park, who was a graduate of the class of 1937 and chairman of the KU Band Scholarship Fund Committee. Morgan had played trumpet in KU's 1933-34 and 1934-35 bands. His $20,000 endowment was to provide an annual $1,000 scholarship for a band member.
  • A small town in Texas was suffering tragedy this morning as a tornado had swept through their area on the previous night. More than 110 people had been injured in the tornado in Saragosa, Texas (population 180), and the town was "completely gone," according to a witness. The hospital at nearby Pecos was filled beyond capacity. There was no electricity in the area; roads were impassable; a school bus had been converted to a temporary morgue. The worst news was the death toll -- at least 29 people had been killed, many of whom were children at a pre-school graduation. According another witness, "You could just see gray and then you could hear just kind of like a whistle sound" similar to a vacuum cleaner, followed by the sound of explosions. About 100 people had been inside a stone building, attending a ceremony for pre-kindergarteners who had completed the Head Start program. In the moments before the storm hit, parents had frantically pulled their children from the stage and had sheltered them under tables and benches before the building, with the rest of the town, was reduced to rubble.


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