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100 years ago: ‘Unusually large number’ of students qualify for high school

May 20, 2012


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for May 20, 1912:

  • "The public schools of Douglas county will graduate ninety-seven students this year. The list has been completed by County Superintendent C. R. Hawley and shows an unusually large number who have completed the work of the country schools and are qualified for entrance in the high school."
  • "Lawrence is just now face to face with the proposition to organize the welfare movement of this city. It is a movement that ought to have the earnest support of every citizen of the town. Lawrence needs this work, needs this movement.... The time has come when men understand that they can prevent crime. It is their duty to do this. The welfare work is the greatest work in which a man can engage. It is to be hoped that our people take hold of this work. It is the Lord's work. It is man's work. It is everybody's work, this work of saving people from crime. Let us get into it with all our hearts."
  • "Capt. J. N. Roberts had a peculiar auto accident yesterday. He was taking his new car out of the garage at his home when he drove it into a cellar door. The door broke and the machine fell through to the floor, requiring two teams of horses to pull it out."
  • "The Parsons street railway company refuses to carry any passengers free and the public utilities law stands by them. The Lawrence street car company has refused for several months. The mail carriers here pay a stated sum for their transportation. In Parsons the mail carriers insist upon riding free. We would think that the mail carriers would feel better when they do the way they do in Lawrence and feel like men."


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