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100 years ago: Prisoner makes run for freedom

May 19, 2012


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for May 19, 1912:

  • "Reuben Casey is no longer a member of the gang that operates at the county rock pile. This noon while Louie Bowers was escorting his workers to the stone yard Reuben took sudden leave of the party and according to the latest information is still going. Casey broke away from custody in the 800 block on Vermont street. Running through a barn and down the alley he was quickly lost sight of. Police officers joined in the chase, but Casey was still at large late this afternoon."
  • "Many of the farms of Douglas county are being registered with the county clerk as is provided for under the state laws. The latest farm to be given an official name is the 'Laptad Stock Farm.' This one was registered this morning by Fred G. Laptad, owner. The farm is located north of Lawrence near Midland."
  • "A purse containing $60 and supposed to have been lost in the Chambers fire was found yesterday afternoon by Mrs. Chambers. The purse was hanging from the branch of a tree in the yard. Evidently someone had taken it out of the fire and forgotten where he put it."
  • "A few days ago a five dollar bill was lost at Woodland Park. Nine times out of ten the one meeting with such a loss would not consider it worth while to advertise it, but in this case a want adv. was placed in the Journal-World with the usual result, the bill was returned to its owner."
  • "'One hundred thousand caddies are kept from Sunday school by golf,' according to a report prepared by the committee on Sabbath observance for presentation to the Louisville, Ken., general assembly of the Northern Presbyterian church today. "Sunday sports blight the character,' continues the report. 'Nine-tenths of those who enter the prison started that way -- by Sabbath breaking, largely by Sunday sport.' The committee turns the spot light on Washington, severely scoring the capital for 'continued and increasing laxity in Sabbath observation.' Sunday newspapers are condemned."


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