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Kansas Supreme Court suspends Lawrence attorney for one year

May 18, 2012


The Kansas Supreme Court Friday suspended Lawrence attorney Brian R. Johnson for one year.

Johnson had faced a disciplinary investigation amid allegations on how he represented both an arson suspect and her husband in Jefferson County, which was a conflict of interest, and for crafting a bill for a client regarding a 2008 meeting with a prosecutor that never occurred. Johnson’s managing attorney, John M. Knox, who later fired Johnson, discovered the bill on the prosecutor’s meeting during a review.

“Although (Johnson) did not ultimately succeed in delivering a fraudulent final bill for that conference to his clients, there is clear and convincing evidence that he had every intention of doing so,” according to the opinion.

Justices also found that Johnson in 2009 represented a client in a workers compensation case while he was suspended for not meeting requirements of continuing legal education. The Supreme Court reinstated him from that earlier suspension in 2010.

Johnson had argued he was not aware of the 2009 suspension, although he acknowledged he had not made mandatory notification to court clerks of a change in his office address. The justices also found Johnson exhibited “deceptive practice during the disciplinary process.”

Johnson was admitted to practice law in Kansas in 1988.


irvan moore 5 years, 10 months ago

you know how you tell if a lawyer is lying? his lips are moving

Jimo 5 years, 10 months ago

Everyone despises lawyers .... right up to the point they need one.

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