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Haskell has yet to notify the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics of academic violations

May 18, 2012


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Haskell media release ( .PDF )

Haskell Indian Nations University had not notified the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics of academic violations dating back to 2008 outlined in a news release issued this week.

“We have not received a self report,” said Kay Hawes, NAIA spokeswoman. However, Hawes said that the organization was contacted by Haskell officials recently and expect the school to file such a report. The NAIA, which includes nearly 300 colleges, is the agency that could issue sanctions and penalties against Haskell for athletic-related academic violations.

On Tuesday, Haskell issued a news release providing vague information about a federal investigation into falsified student-athlete ACT scores at the school. The release stated that employees were “disciplined for manipulation of three other student transcripts.” Some games will be forfeited as well. Two employees involved no longer work at Haskell, according to the release.

The information was released after repeated Journal-World requests for information beginning in early May. The Journal-World received an anonymous letter in late April alleging a federal investigation into the basketball and football programs at Haskell and potential academic misconduct.

The news release did not specify what sports were involved, and it’s unclear how many employees were involved or how high up the athletics hierarchy at Haskell the investigation reached.

If the NAIA does take any action, it will be up to Haskell to release such information, Hawes said. The NAIA — in contrast to the NCAA — does not release information about penalties or infractions it takes against schools.

Haskell forfeited a Jan. 13 women’s basketball game against Southwestern Christian University, according to Haskell’s website.

The Journal-World has been in contact with Haskell officials seeking more information about the forfeited game and the other violations. However, no further information has been provided, though Haskell has scheduled a Journal-World interview with Haskell President Chris Redman early next week.

The Journal-World also filed Freedom of Information Act requests with the U.S. Department of Interior for all investigations into alleged academic misconduct at Haskell since 2008.

Ted Juneau, Haskell athletics director and men’s basketball coach until 2010, said he was unaware of any investigation involving athletics and falsified ACT test scores while he was at the school.


drillsgt 5 years, 11 months ago

Well they will wait for somebody to say something then they put out another press release that will make the school look even worst....

alum007 5 years, 11 months ago

Ted, Ted, Ted, the worm has FINALLY turned! Just come clean! KU, look at the type of individual you have around the men's basketball program. Don't let him taint KU like he did Haskell! Good job Journal World on exposing what this guy brought to Haskell. I would like to STRONGLY urge you to look at WHO was in charge of validating eligibility and academic standing for the athletic department at that time and WHAT HER TITLE is today under Redman's leadership. These same bad apples (family) KEEP getting into influential positions at the school and CORRUPTION and dirty dealings ALWAYS follow. Come on Redman, WAKE UP before they take you down with them. Ask Linda all about it. Wait, she'll probably pull a Ted, "I don't know anything about that," ninja move. Sure, sure...

drillsgt 5 years, 11 months ago

well a degree in social work..does not make you a leader in education..or any other program..maybe at the health center...the bad apples are in another program that is all in Parker hall...after the feeble attempt to make a press release, the ones who put that together a social worker who has no clue how a sports program works made a statement that has no merit...and I wonder how a social worker can be appointed to a position that has no adminstrative experience..just because you work in a adminstrative building does not make you a people who have been to other universities with adminstrative experience...I would call for her removal because lack of experience....maybe theres some work up hwy 75..if you want to expose something ..start at the so called acting job that was given to somebody who is no longer in BIE

alum007 5 years, 11 months ago

Blah, blah, blah, blah... whah, whah, whah. Get rid of the bad apples (2) at the Sports Complex (hint, hint) they're brother and sister and they have the SAME last name (not hard to uncover). I agree with you Drillsgt., people SHOULD have the background and credentials for the positions they hold. Have Sis prove her ABD status that she CLAIMS she's got and big brother doesn't even have his Master's degree, so what's he doing TEACHING or coaching at Haskell? Hmmm, he went from a junior high coach to a college coach when his uncle was president at Haskell (also same last name). And come on REDMAN, no matter how you spin it, SHE supervises her BROTHER (see signing off on his team purchases/meals, etc.). NEPOTISM. Haskell also needs to get rid of the other apple that worms her way into EVERY administration (currently at Navarre Hall; you'll find her right next to the president with the brown stuff on her schnozz). She's so good she should write a book on it for those that are into THAT sort of thing. Oh, she also has the same last name last name as the other two at the Complex. Come on Haskell, give them the BOOT!

TinkerB79 5 years, 11 months ago

Alum007 you must not be a part of the Haskell community. Because the 3 people you are talking about have done and are still doing amazing things for the students of Haskell and the Haskell community. First off the Sister was not even involved with athletics at the time when this happened. She was working with the RED and full-bright programs which both programs benefited the school. You must not have read the article because it said football and basketball programs. The Brother coaches cross country and track and field, two programs that don't have to worry about students being academically eligible. The football coach at the time no longer works at Haskell and the AD and men's bball coach was Ted Juneau. As a HaskelI student these 3 people have helped me through tough (personal) times but so has other members of the Haskell staff, faculty and other members of the Haskell community. It is true that Mr. Redman needs to handle this but to fire people who have the interest of the students is crazy. To be honest there are many teachers at Haskell who don't care about the students and use the students to do their research or are at Haskell for personal gain. Haskell needs more teachers like the brother and sister because they care about the students and about Haskell and their are not using Haskell for personal gain.

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