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Owner of East Lawrence recycling center seeks to acquire property to address neighbors’ concerns

May 14, 2012


A battle over the future of an East Lawrence recycling center that has drawn the ire of neighbors may be averted.

The owner of the 12th and Haskell Recycling Center has finalized a deal to purchase two pieces of industrial property that will allow him by this fall to move the recycling center about a block north, if city officials give the project the necessary land-use approvals.

“The owner thinks it will be a much better situation for everyone involved,” said Brad Finkeldei, a Lawrence attorney who represents the 12th and Haskell center and its owner Bo Killough.

Killough last week finalized a deal to purchase a vacant industrial building at 1050 E. 11th St. and a 5-acre outdoor storage area that previously served the Schmidt Builders Supply store at 1000 E. 11th St.

Both pieces of property are just northeast of the 11th and Haskell intersection. The location is only a block away from the recycling center’s current site, but it is much farther removed from neighbors, who have complained the operation’s salvage-yardlike noises and smells aren’t conducive to a residential area. The new location borders the railroad tracks to the north, city’s trash truck lot on the south, and other industrial buildings on the east and the west. The current site for the center is across the street from a residential neighborhood.

One of the chief opponents of the center’s current location, though, said her group was still trying to figure out what it thought of the new proposal.

“We really have a mixed reaction to this,” said Andrea Repinsky. “It sounds like a good change, but we’re still worried about how this will work out for other residents in Brook Creek and East Lawrence.”

The project now will hinge on city actions. The project will need several land use approvals from City Hall, including approvals of a site plan and a special use permit.

Finkeldei said the city will receive those applications by May 21, which would put the project on track to be heard by the City Commission in August or September.

Finkeldei said the plans will show many parts of the operation will occur inside — such as the salvaging of copper and many types of scrap metal. But the project will seek to have outdoor storage, and also will propose reopening an area where the public can drive up to recycle paper, plastic, glass and other such materials.

The center had offered that service for a number of years, but closed that portion of the business in December when tensions between the city and the center grew.

City inspectors have found the current site at 12th and Haskell to be out-of-compliance with the city’s land use code. Finkeldei previously had said his client was considering appealing that ruling to Douglas County District Court.

Now, Finkeldei is asking the city to simply delay any enforcement action at the 12th and Haskell site in order to give Killough time to get the business moved.

“He definitely wants to be in a position to move the business this fall,” Finkeldei said.


Richard Heckler 6 years ago

Hey City Hall:

The Masonic building has been vacant for many years yet no action is taken? Isn't that what we call discrimination? Preferential politics?

12th street recycling will be an environmental problem no matter where it is located. This person is hoping no one will be paying attention so he can pollute the ground and ground water no matter where this business is located. This is the history connected to this business and the owner. Yes no ethics and lots of pollution.

Flap Doodle 6 years ago

Heard you the first time you posted this today. Nobody cared then, nobody cares now.

headdoctor 6 years ago

And once again Merril's very own LJW stalker shows up to contribute nothing to the content of the thread.

gl0ck0wn3r 6 years ago

Does that make you a stalker of Merrill's stalker? What did you contribute?

Frederic Gutknecht IV 6 years ago

Does that make me the stalker of the stalker of the stalker of the stalker? It's like celery up in this thread, yo!~)

gl0ck0wn3r 6 years ago

Funny, in another thread Merrill was all for small businesses near residential areas but in this case he is against it. I wonder what the difference is...

just_another_bozo_on_this_bus 6 years ago

"I wonder what the difference is..."

Do you really need it spelled out for you?

cozborn 6 years ago

merrill walk over to the new location and tell me its not polluted already

kernal 6 years ago

Thought this was basically a salvage yard calling itself a recycling center. The usage in that neighborhood seems to be on the verge of change since the old feed lot and livestock auction place closed down just around the bend. Do we want to extend industrial zoning to properties so close to urban (for lack of a better word at the moment) development that seems to be taking place in East Lawrence?

windjammer 6 years ago

Bo could care less about the neoighborhood of Brook Creek or East Lawrence. He will be doing the very same thing at his new location as he has done with his toxic industrial salvage dump in Brook Creek. He needs to shut the toxic industrial dump down or appeal it to the District Court. The city should not delay any enforcement to the toxic site. He has lost at every appeal and needs to take the toxic site to his award winning farm.

headdoctor 6 years ago

"One of the chief opponents of the center’s current location, though, said her group was still trying to figure out what it thought of the new proposal."

Oops. Guess the group didn't plan on that maneuver. Not only may this mess up their plan for the neighborhood, it may also mess up their plan to keep pushing the City into mandatory recycling at a ridiculously high monthly price. I am sure they will find something to complain about. I am surprised that they haven't launched some sort of attack on Lonnie in North Lawrence or Walmart. It would be easier to push their agenda if there were no options available other than City wide recycling.

Cant_have_it_both_ways 6 years ago

You cant build fences to hide your salvage, but can have chickens in town that are noisy and messy.

kernal 6 years ago

Hens aren't that noisy, are great for pest control and nothing makes flowers grow better than chicken poop. But, if your neighbors have roosters or Guinea Hens, they need to review the city code for keeping chickens in town.

Guinea Hens will wake the dead, but they're good at keeping ticks in check.

leftylucky 6 years ago

Who will pay for the environmental cleanup of the site at 12th and Haskell?

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