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100 years ago: Local doctor nearly caught in flash flood

May 12, 2012


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for May 12, 1912:

  • "The heavy rains of last night started the tributaries of the Kansas river near here on a rampage this morning and while the river itself is not in a threatening condition flood scenes are being enacted today along the small streams that empty into the river. Mud Creek is higher than it has been for from fifteen to twenty years and has overflowed the lowlands along its length. At one o'clock this afternoon the Wakarusa broke over into the lowlands at the county farm. About two acres of corn belonging to the farm is inundated with flood waters. Rock Creek, near Clinton, is swollen and ready to leave its banks.... At the Ernest Young farm the creek has flowed out over a wheat field of about fifty acres forming a large lake. It is feared that this crop is a total loss.... Elmer Ousdahl is the only loser of livestock from the flood. A pen containing 14 pigs was washed away by the water and carried down the stream during the night. This morning nine of them were found alive and returned to their owner but the others are lost."
  • "Dr. E. J. Blair of Lawrence came near being a victim of the Mud Creek flood this morning. Dr. Blair was attempting to drive through the water to return to Lawrence when he was caught by the current and swept down the stream. The water was not deep and Dr. Blair was able to save himself and reach the bank in safety. His horse was able to save himself, but the buggy is badly damaged while the doctor's medicine case is hanging in a tree in the middle of the stream. Dr. Blair when he got out went to a nearby farm house to dry his clothes and was unable to return to Lawrence for some time. He was little the worse for the experience, but it was a close call."


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