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Legislative leaders to Brownback: Veto the tax cut

May 11, 2012


— Republican and Democratic leaders on Friday called on Gov. Sam Brownback to veto a deficit-producing tax cut as the legislative session hit overtime with numerous major issues unresolved.

"That would be the appropriate action," Senate President Steve Morris, R-Hugoton, said of a veto.

Senate Democratic Leader Anthony Hensley of Topeka and House Democratic Leader Paul Davis of Lawrence said the proposed tax cut was reckless and would require deep reductions to schools, assistance for those with disabilities and highway funding.They also said it would benefit the wealthy at the expense of the poor.

Gov. Sam Brownback on Friday discusses tax policy during a news conference in the Statehouse.

Gov. Sam Brownback on Friday discusses tax policy during a news conference in the Statehouse.

Fiscal profiles of the tax cut by the Kansas Legislative Research Department projected budget shortfalls ranging from $242 million to $304 million by the time the Legislature meets next year, and $2.5 billion to $3 billion in 2018, which is an amount equal to nearly one-half the current budget of $6.2 billion in state funds.

But Brownback, a Republican, disagreed with the assessment.

"We can make this work," Brownback said. "This is a pro-growth tax cut," he said. Through economic growth and tight control of spending, the proposal would balance, he said.

Brownback said he would prefer a smaller tax cut that was produced by a House-Senate conference committee, but said if he doesn't get that bill, he will sign the larger one. The measures would lower income tax rates and eliminate taxes on non-wage income for nearly 200,000 businesses.

The political maneuvering employed by Brownback to get that larger tax cut on his desk, and the fighting between conservatives and moderates in the Republican Party over legislative redistricting continued to cause bad feelings in the Capitol.

"There is a war," said Morris. He said the Kansas Chamber of Commerce and others are trying to oust moderate Republicans like himself. "The conservative wing of our party would like to have a grand slam. Everyone would be lock-step," he said.

Morris declined to say if he thought Brownback, a conservative, was directly involved. "I have my thoughts. I'd rather not comment," he said. Later, Morris said that he "certainly under-estimated what the governor was willing to do."

Brownback said, "I'm not at war with anybody." Brownback declined to say if he was happy with Senate leaders, but later in his news conference he praised the House and said the Senate had not accomplished much.

Brownback was asked if he had made assurances to Senate leaders that if they voted for the larger tax cut to continue the process of negotiations, the bill would not be approved by the House and sent to him. Brownback denied he made that assurance.

The charges and counter-chargers were leveled as the Legislature completed the 90-day session and agreed to resume work Monday.

On Friday, with major issues still up in the air, state legislators approved measures taking aim at Islamic Sharia law and United Nations Agenda 21.

The Senate approved a bill the bans Kansas courts and administrative agencies from basing rulings on foreign laws or legal systems.

The measure doesn't mention Sharia law, but several senators said that was what they were concerned about.

"They stone women to death in countries that have Sharia law," said state Sen. Susan Wagle, R-Wichita. "If you vote to not adopt (the bill), it's a vote against women," she said.

But state Sen. Tim Owens, R-Overland Park, said the bill was unnecessary because courts already are ruled by United State laws and the U.S. Constitution. He said the bill was based on intolerance and fear and would make people think only those with a Christian, religious-right perspective were welcome in Kansas.

The measure easily passed, 33-3, after winning approval in the House, 120-0. State Sen. Marci Francisco, D-Lawrence, was one of the three who voted against the measure.

Earlier Friday, the House gave final approval on a 76-41 vote to a resolution that says the state House recognizes "the destructive and insidious nature of United Nations Agenda 21."

The measure criticizes U.N. Agenda 21 as a covert plot to destroy the

American way of life through extreme environmentalism, social engineering and global political control.

Critics of the resolution described it as a right-wing conspiracy theory.

Asked if working on anti-Sharia legislation and the U.N. resolution was an appropriate expense of time when major issues weren't resolved, Brownback said the Legislature has spent much more time on taxes and the budget.


Don Whiteley 4 years ago

I previously had to thank the right wing of the Republican party for forcing me to leave the party and become an independent. Now I get to thank them again for making me vote Democrat in 2012. When is the GOP going to learn that the only thing trickle-down economics does is put bonus money in the pockets of senior executives who send Kansas jobs out-of-state and overseas while driving our State under a mountain of debt.

kansanjayhawk 4 years ago

I doubt you were ever a Republican prospect.

kansanjayhawk 4 years ago

I thought you didn't want to mix church and state...

kansanjayhawk 4 years ago

I now know you don't know me at all...I'm a person full of love not hatred what a ugly accusation...just because we do not agree on political are violating your principles by attempting to judge me based upon religion.

kansanjayhawk 4 years ago

I guess if I disagree with your political views you believe im judging you?

kansanjayhawk 4 years ago

I never called anyone a liar--getting a bit sensitive are you not?

kansanjayhawk 4 years ago

based upon the fact that we do not agree on certain issues...conservative views...which you apparently believe are idiotic?

kansanjayhawk 4 years ago

That is your opinion...others may not consider them so "idiotic".

Joe Hyde 4 years ago

Ahhh...the Kansas legislature. A body of elected lawmakers where, for the time being at least, ignorance passes as virtue.

kansanjayhawk 4 years ago

More name calling from the liberals. Please address issues you disagree with rather than label others- I assure you many of these legislators are very intelligent and wise-you may differ with their political opinions on some issues.

Mike1949 4 years ago

hawk; Our legislators may be intelligent but I would not say they were wise. They seem to forget who put them where they are at. Many would rather follow party line not thinking about the repercussions of their actions. In other words, they don't represent who sent them there, they are representing a party line which at the moment is controlled by Ultra conservatives who has a agenda other than what is good for the people. Many philosophy's of the Republicans feel the bottom half of society is dead weight and would rather see it die off into who knows where, they don't care, they just want them gone. The Republican party is the tool for business, which includes farmers as they are business people also. Have you ever thought about why Republicans push legislation that allows farmers to get paid for NOT planting crops? It is like the oil companies, they are bribes so people in business (whether farmers or otherwise) will vote for them. Now I could go on and on, but this is getting too long as it is, but right now as an independent, I am getting tired of seeing every freedom that I had as a kid and young man disappearing by the Republican party. Does that mean that I get angry over what the Democrats do also, absolutely! At least the Democrats will listen to you. Try talking to a Republican, I really hope it isn't true, as everyone that I talk to are racists and prejudiced to people who are different than them which personally I am really disappointed in them! Think, when did the Republicans turn into the party of "NO"?

johnnyreb 4 years ago

The party is over for the liberal Republicans in the Senate. They know it and aren't happy about it.

Joe Hyde 4 years ago

I'm fascinated by thoughts of what the fall elections will reveal in terms of the signals Kansas voters send to the Legisature and Governor by means of voting for "moderate" Republican candidates, as opposed to voting for "conservative" Republican or "ultra-conservitive Tea Party" candidates. I think we've all had a chance to sniff the current crop.

Politically, this fall will be most interesting. There could be a voter-driven reversal of the current ultra-conservative lawmaking style. To be sure, come election time more middle class voters will have begun contemplating how their daily lives and personal budgets will be iimpacted should rising property tax bills commence simultaneously with a broad spectrum reduction in state services.

Or not.

sciencegeek 4 years ago

The fall elections won't matter. The Republican primary will determine the future of this state. If the conservative Republicans win in the primaries, Brownback will have clear sailing to complete his agenda, and we will be the first state run by the Americans For Prosperity (aka the Koch brothers), and an official plutocracy.

ljwhirled 4 years ago

Joe, primaries are held in August and only the nutters tend to vote, so I imagine the conservatives will only get stronger.

You've got a choice in November. Crazy or Democrat.

jafs 4 years ago

That's a good argument for moderates and independents (and even D, perhaps) to register as R so as to vote for the more moderate candidates - it may be the only way to really affect what happens in KS politics.

Evan Ridenour 4 years ago

This is all too pathetic and plain frightening for me to have anything to say.

Extremism run amok in the state legislature...

kansanjayhawk 4 years ago

We had extremism with Sebelius! This is the course correction!

Jayhawk1958 4 years ago

Nice try but she was a moderate. Progressives don't win in Kansas.

kansanjayhawk 4 years ago

When George Tiller was invited to Cedar Crest for a party in his honor she stopped being "moderate" she is and was a left-wing liberal democrat look at her health care agenda...

Jayhawk1958 4 years ago

Nice try but she was a moderate. Progressives don't win in Kansas.

WilburM 4 years ago

This beyond extremism. It's a combo of being whacked out (the UN measure), unhitched to reality (sharia law), and utterly irresponsible (tax cuts). And wait, we haven't even gotten to redistricting. Worst KS House ever.

kansanjayhawk 4 years ago

I could not disagree with you more! I don't suppose you remember Speaker Marvin Barkis?

Bob_Keeshan 4 years ago

I do, I'm sure Wilbur does, and I am positive that you do not.

But along those lines, the current Speaker is doing his best to take the title of "worst Speaker since 1974" away from Marvin's predecessor, Jim Braden.

1974, of course, being the year a Gov's term became 4 years and Kansas stopped electing a Lt. Gov. due to massive GOP corruption.

riverdrifter 4 years ago

Hayseed clown posse at work. Ah, well. It is what it is.

kansanjayhawk 4 years ago

name-calling just because you are not a conservative! We need tax relief and Sebelius was terrible!

Jayhawk1958 4 years ago

Name-calling? What's worse is your simplistic statements that anyone can make.

kansanjayhawk 4 years ago

Brownback is doing an outstanding job leading Kansas! Thank you Governor.

just_another_bozo_on_this_bus 4 years ago

What happens when they forget to pull that string in your back?

Glenn Reed 4 years ago

It ain't pretty, I'll tell ya that much...

chootspa 4 years ago

Did you ever stop to wonder why he put us in a handbasket first?

pace 4 years ago

It bothers me cutting schools, elderly, ill, all in the hope that the rich will use the money to create jobs. If this was legitimate, it would be a carrot, create jobs and get a tax cut. Not money down a wishing well. NO business in their right mind would offer a rebate without purchase. This is an insane and cruel and destructive bill. It will raise taxes on working families, who have less money coming in, have lost equity and even lost homes. It will cut taxes to the wealthiest who have seen an increase of over 300% in their wealth in the last 10 years. It will cause suffering and cost Kansas educated workers.

just_another_bozo_on_this_bus 4 years ago

" If this was legitimate, it would be a carrot, create jobs and get a tax cut. "

Of course, this is the way it's been for a long time. The money spent creating a job, and then paying the wages and benefits have long qualified as legitimate business expenses, and thus can be deducted from tax liabilities.

Coupled with the history of major tax cuts over the last thirty years without a corresponding increase in employment, the lie of giving the wealthy tax cuts in the hopes of increasing employment is well demonstrated.

JackMcKee 4 years ago

Next on the Kansas House agenda: debate over whether the State should procure a nuclear aircraft carrier group and declare war on Iran.

oldexbeat 4 years ago

Nothing more foreign than those old Hebrew laws. Glad we're not going to use them -- you know stoning women, killing children, killing all the animals, salting the earth, etc. and the 13 commandments. (Look it up.)

The ignorance of Kansas might be a major tourism draw -- I mean if you could watch these clowns all year, it might bring in a lot of money. How large is the visitor area at the Kansas Capitol ? I would pay to see people act this stupid. And they get to vote, too? Wow are we liberal or what....

Bob_Keeshan 4 years ago

I have an 80% chance of being right, since that's how many Kansans will see a net tax increase from this legislature and this Governor.

The only people demanding your money are the Governor and the Kansas House. They are giving you a tax shift, where you will pay more in taxes and the top 20% will pay less and in many cases no taxes at all.

On the 1 in 5 chance this doesn't apply to you, then congratulations!

coloradoan 4 years ago

Here's the list of Brownbacks in Kansas and their farm subsidies. And some of them like our Gov. don't even farm.

But they sure are "demanding" my money, now aren't they.

But hey, thanks for playing.

Richard Heckler 4 years ago

"We can make this work," Brownback said. "This is a pro-growth tax cut," he said. Through economic growth and tight control of spending, the proposal would balance, he said.

"There is a war," said Morris. He said the Kansas Chamber of Commerce and others are trying to oust moderate Republicans like himself. "The conservative wing of our party would like to have a grand slam. Everyone would be lock-step," he said."

In the first place Brownback has no idea what he is talking about. He is the top dog puppet for names like Koch and Walton family(Wal-Mart) money. This is a first step in the Koch-Walton endeavor to take over government services and deposit OUR TAX DOLLARS in their bank accounts. This is Reaganomics better known as Wreckanomics with tax increases.

And yes republicans are not any more welcome than democrats to this sleazy Koch/Walton partnership.

Recall the Brownback and his gestapo! Bring back Tom Holland!

jafs 4 years ago

If the Senate passed a bill they didn't support, based on "assurances" from Brownback or without them, they made a huge mistake.

I hope and trust they won't make that mistake again.

No legislative body should pass a law that they don't support, if there's a clear possibility it will become law.

Carol Bowen 4 years ago

Evidently, there was not a clear possibility it would become law. The senate was sucker punched. The Justice department was right not to trust the legislature. Unfortunately, there may not be another chance to avoid a mistake like this. Governor Brownback and his legislators have too much momentum now, regardless of what they are hearing from their constituents.

jafs 4 years ago

If the Senate passes a bill, then the House can pass it as well, can't it?

Why wouldn't they have known that was a possibility?

Carol Bowen 4 years ago

"Brownback was asked if he had made assurances to Senate leaders that if they voted for the larger tax cut to continue the process of negotiations, the bill would not be approved by the House and sent to him. Brownback denied he made that assurance."

The senate trusted the governor.

jafs 4 years ago

If that's the case, they were quite foolish and naive to do so.

There was no need to vote for a larger tax cut bill to "continue negotiations" - they should have known better.

And, he denied saying that.

cobaltblue 4 years ago

We have come to the edge of the abyss and are about to take a big step forward.

dozer 4 years ago

Guess I should have stoned my wife to death on Thursday before they passed this bill. Wait, I think there is still time...I think it doesn't officially become a law until it is printed, which is July 1st.

Perhaps we should stone people in the streets and cut off the hands of theives to show there was a need for this law. That would then show this was not a solution looking for a problem.

Lecomptoncityslicker 4 years ago

State government has been the biggest growth industry in the state for the last several years. The tax cuts will force better utilization of resurces and more efficient government. I am tired of government taking my money and spending (wasting) it on programs with very little benefit or return. It is time for government to live within it's means. A reduction in funding is the only way to reign in the waste that permeates the business of government.

JackMcKee 4 years ago

Unfortunately what you'll most likely see is a tax increase and a reduction in services.

chootspa 4 years ago

Who needs streets, law enforcement, or schools?

JackMcKee 4 years ago

It would be nice if we could find a way to hold these idiots responsible for this goat rodeo. What was it the French used to say? Let them eat cake? That's about where we are with this crop.

lunacydetector 4 years ago

As a former democrat, it is easy to surmise why I changed parties. The democrats/moderate republicans (republicans in name only) are out of touch with reality.

JackMcKee 4 years ago

who is it that just haphazardly cut 1/3 of the State's revenues? Some would call that kind of action extreme and insane.

JayhawksandHerd 4 years ago

What reality is that? The Muslims are out to get us? If a third-party payer covers all or part of the cost of contraception, the the sky will start falling? Help me out here.

Richard Heckler 4 years ago

Big debt in a year or two sponsored by Brownback.

Wonder where he got this idea?

. In the end big debt were the results which does not seem to bother Republicans, as long as they are in power.

In fact, by the time the second Bush left office, the national debt had grown to $12.1 trillion:

  • ENTITLEMENT - Over half of that amount had been created by Bush’s tax cuts for the very wealthy.

  • ENTITLEMENT - Another 30% of the national debt had been created by the tax cuts for the wealthy under Presidents Reagan and George H.W. Bush.

• ENTITLEMENT - Fully 81% of the national debt was created by just these three Republican Presidents.

  1. ENTITLEMENT - Starting in 2003, George W. Bush destroyed the world economy by encouraging U.S. banks to make loans to those who could not afford them, through schemes such as the "American Dream Downpayment Initiative".

Once Bush's policies led to their inevitable result of economic collapse, the United States found itself in a situation where it had to take on debt in order to restore the economy.

Flap Doodle 4 years ago

"...• entitlement - Fully 81% of the national debt was created by just these three Republican Presidents..." Not anymore. The Spender in Chief has made that statement a lie over the past three years. Why are you repeating a lie?

kansanjayhawk 4 years ago

And now Obama has put us into a even bigger hole than all of the presidents you mention combined...unending trillion dollar deficits from stimulus 1 & 2 and his health care fiasco!

Cait McKnelly 4 years ago

This is a right wing lie. I suggest you do some research (that doesn't come from Rush Limbaugh or Fox "News").

kansanjayhawk 4 years ago

Well if you would just enlighten us what number do you come up with in the last three years we have gone at least 4.5 trillion in the hole! You tell me what number you are using...look at these federal deficits!

Randall Uhrich 4 years ago

I cannot believe how incredibly stupid the Republicans are in this state. The only bright thing is that they will soon provoke a public backlash that wil lead to a restoration of sanity. God help us!

sourpuss 4 years ago

Frankly, I do not understand why people are complaining about the ultra-conservative nature of the state government. We had an election, this is what the people decided. That is democracy. Anyone with even a shred of political awareness could have foreseen this and voted accordingly, so I can only assume that this is what the people of Kansas want. The majority rules in democracy, even if the majority is self-destructive. If you don't like this sort of think, I recommend you move out of Kansas because you are not going to change the hearts and minds of most people in this state. They want no taxes, they want "no government in their lives." Sure, it may see a boiled frog, but you can't fight the majority, certainly not with common sense.

jafs 4 years ago

About 1/2 of eligible voters in KS stayed home and didn't vote.

Of those that voted for Brownback, a number are upset at his actions, and expected him to be more moderate (I don't know why). Also, he made some promises while campaigning that he almost immediately broke once elected, to "protect education and social service funding".

Brownback was in fact elected by about 1/3 of the eligible voters in KS, so his election doesn't represent the majority of voters in this state.

And, opposition by a minority is also part of our system - "love it or leave it" isn't really an American tradition.

yourworstnightmare 4 years ago

Your numbers are correct, but not voting is in fact making a decision. A decision that you don't care or that you don't care enough to take the effort to ensure your franchise is fulfilled.

Not deciding is in fact a decision.

A majority of Kansans who cared enough to vote supported Brownback.

Elections matter.

Republicans and democrats are not the same. Don't be fooled by this old GOP canard.

Get off of your arses and do whatever it takes tom register your vote.

If you didn't vote, you might think that the election result is not your fault.

In fact, it is.

jafs 4 years ago

I agree.

Apathy is a huge problem in politics.

Greg Cooper 4 years ago

The majority of Kansans don't care about apathy.

pace 4 years ago

You can fight for information, then action. When we make a mistake, we shouldn't wallow in it. Majority vote is not a final communication, it is part of free speech. There is a conversation going on in Kansas.

coloradoan 4 years ago

Wrong sourpuss. I did not vote for him, but those that did vote for him heard things like improving education and creating jobs, not sharia law, tax breaks for the rich and all of the other tripe we have gotten.

coloradoan 4 years ago

Hope you enjoy your higher property taxes and delays in getting permits, etc. since that is the natural outcome of the specific cuts he's makiing.

jafs 4 years ago

Such a deep and thoughtful political analysis.

yourworstnightmare 4 years ago

I BB signs it, this would be an ultimate slap in the face to moderate Kansas republicans.

Time for moderate republicans to start fighting back, not for their party but for the State of Kansas.

Moderate republicans must join forces with democrats to stop this right wing onslaught. An onslaught which is gunning for them, by the way.

kansanjayhawk 4 years ago

Just remember these same "moderates" passed this bill through the Senate. It would not have gotten to Brownback's desk without the Senate voting YES.

jafs 4 years ago

If they truly support the bill, then why would they be complaining now?

They fell for some sort of trick, or false promises, that this would be the beginning of negotiations, not the final bill.

I would say they were naive and foolish to do that.

kansanjayhawk 4 years ago

Well--what number do you give Obama?--come on if it were Bush you would be giving him credit for every year he was in only seems fair to reciprocate...with Obama...

Jimo 4 years ago

It's fascinating how fascists and Republicans are so concerned about debt and deficits when the debts result from their own policies and they refuse to eliminate deficits by raising taxes back to (the bottom of) normal levels (let alone Reagan levels).

Democrats are the ONLY Party to have balanced the U.S. budget in living memory. (Unfortunately, Republicans only have the memory span of a guppy.) Obama hasn't added $5T of debt! He's inherited Bush's own debts and then extended Bush's own policies at the insistence of the GOP.

This billion dollar shortfall is unavoidable. How do we know? A mysterious phenomena called math.

Brownback doesn't think cuts will prove necessary. Like most other people I don't give a d___ what Brownback thinks about topics beyond his expertise. Is there anything in his bio that could possibly have equipped Brownback to balance his own checkbook let alone provide budgetary expertise 100% contrary to budget experts' own views? What next? Sam pontificating on photoluminescence influences on nanocrystalline tin oxide powder for optoelectronic devices? Kardashian fashion options?

You share is $50k ...... if you don't make the wealthy start paying their taxes and restrain GOP out of control spending on wars, weapons, oil subsidies, bailouts for their Wall Street buddies, and unaffordable welfare for billionaires. You grandchildrens' share will be in the hundreds of thousands if you don't stop Brownback from making Kansas the equivalent of a bankrupt third-world backwater.

Jimo 4 years ago

A. You forget that Obama is stuck with Bush's spending priorities as well as the revenue cuts that the GOP demand. What chutzpah to then complain of the inevitable deficits.

B. The wealthy receive 93% of additional wealth generated. They pay about 60% of the taxes. Theft - pure and simple.

C. The bottom 50% receive virtually nothing from the system. They overpay as it is.

D. You're a cartoon. Do you have a handlebar mustache to twirl? What sick sense of inferiority drives a welfare addict as yourself to identify with his betters?

kansanjayhawk 4 years ago

This is revisionist history...remember that Newt Gingerich was the Republican Speaker of the House when those surpluses occurred!

Katara 4 years ago

Really? That's the example you want to point to?

You, who has decried America's lack of morals, wish to point to this man as your example?

kansanjayhawk 4 years ago

You seem to miss the point sometimes. It is a fact that Gingrich was the Speaker when the budget was balanced whatever his other failings!

Katara 4 years ago

No, you seem to miss the point quite often.

You are on here complaining all about the Democrats not having morals and they are part of the reason in your belief of the decline in "American Morals" but here you point to an example of a man who you feel is a good example but you want to look the other way at his many moral failings because he is someone that you believe supports your agenda.

Additionally, the claim that when Gingrich was Speaker, the budget was balanced is false.

""Like most things in life, what caused the budget to be balanced was multi-factorial, most important of which was the tech boom and the surging economy," said Steve Ellis, vice president of Taxpayers for Common Sense. "You can partially credit the 1997 Balanced Budget Act, but you could also credit the 1993 and 1990 bills that Speaker Gingrich opposed. It's a little too simple to say that the 1997 Balanced Budget Act ‘balanced the budget.’ "

If you don't like that source, here is another.

Looks like you are the one engaging in revisionist history.

kansanjayhawk 4 years ago

Notice that quote gave some credit to Gingerich--that's all I'm saying - this was bi•partisan and really the politicians were not diving the balanced budget but a strong private sector brought in more revenues.

Shelley Bock 4 years ago

Why is it that you forget the debt run up by Bush fighting two unfunded wars. Why weren't you concerned about the debt during his terms in office?

Kate Rogge 4 years ago

"They stone women to death in countries that have Sharia law," said state Sen. Susan Wagle, R-Wichita. "If you vote to not adopt (the bill), it's a vote against women," she said. OMG what a stupid, stupid, person.

kansanjayhawk 4 years ago

what a poor way to argue on issues...calling her a stupid, stupid, person. Be specific why do you disagree with her on this issue why do you feel she is wrong? Obviously she does not agree with you on this issue! Does that make her "stupid" ?

Katara 4 years ago

Sharia law being adopted in the United States is not going to happen. There are no cases where Sharia law has been used outside of a private contract dispute.

If you would like to discuss the "issues", how about showing us how Sharia law will become the law of the land here.

How about showing us cases where women have been stoned to death in the United States and those cases were sanctioned by a U.S. court.

You know, you keep talking about discussing the issues and I don't honestly believe you understand what the issues are.

JackMcKee 4 years ago

I've learned a lot about "true" Republicans over the last year. They like to pass lots of new laws restricting freedoms, they are anti-science, they like to spend more than they make, and they are generally irresponsible to the point of calling it insanity.

Good luck with that platform.

yourworstnightmare 4 years ago

Yes, maybe we should all pay back the government subsidies we have received through our lifetimes, such as state tuition subsidies for attending the University of Kansas.

kugrad 4 years ago

The real issue here is incompetence on the part of the Governor and his staff. They have nothing but blind faith that a tax cut strategy will promote growth (it hasn't worked here before and the counties with the highest taxes have the highest business growth, per the Eggs and Issues breakfast here in Lawrence w/ legislative leaders). The non-partisan agency that reviews these things for the state indicates it will cause a huge budgetary crisis. Brownback has no support to back his ideas, just his gut feeling and opinion. That is incompetence. In some much-reported backroom arm-twisting he gets the house to pass an even bigger tax cut than he asked for, thinking it will be whittled back down to what he wanted. When that bigger cut passes, instead of saying he'll veto it, he says he'll sign it, although NO ONE ON HIS STAFF HAS EVER STUDIED THE IMPACT OF THIS PROPOSAL. These are numbers he just pulled out of his, er..thin air. Not numbers based on professionals providing valid estimates. THIS IS INCOMPETENCE. He says we'll get increased tax revenue from businesses when they make more money from not paying taxes. How will that work? He has basically eliminated their taxes! To make it worse, he is going to eliminate many of their customers as well by putting half the state workforce on the unemployment line when the state can't afford to pay them. I vote on both sides of the aisle. Kansas has always been a populist meritocracy, until now. This is absurd. I've never, ever seen such incompetence in the office of the governor. Not here, nor in any other state.

just_another_bozo_on_this_bus 4 years ago

The money doesn't just disappear down a hole into another dimension when it's "taken" and spent by government.

Economics isn't the same thing as a magic trick, where things magically disappear, never to be seen again. Not even random quotation marks can change that fact.

coloradoan 4 years ago

As noted above:

Yes, cr@p does come out and well-to-do landowners who still pretend to be farmers collect the cash, some even named Brownback. This cash comes from the government, that is from you and me.

chootspa 4 years ago

What about excessive elipses? Nonsensical sentences? New user IDs when the old ones get banned? Do any of those things suddenly negate reality?

kansanjayhawk 4 years ago

I disagree with you. Governor Brownback is getting very good advice from extremely smart economists like Arthur Laffer! Give him credit for bring conservative reform to this state that has been the high tax island on the plains!

wastewatcher 4 years ago

Apparently Senator Morris and his LIBERAL COHORTS have forgotten that this is the exact bill that they passed first and passed by a large margin. If they do not like it, then why did they pass it? This situation displays exactly what is wrong this year. The Liberal coalition can only whine and blame themselves for where they find themselves. Game playing and trickery caught up with the LIBERAL SENATE LEADERS.

just_another_bozo_on_this_bus 4 years ago

" If they do not like it, then why did they pass it?"

Because Brownback asked them to, telling them if they passed it, the bill would go into conference committee with the House, and negotiated from there. Somewhere between naive and gullible on the part of the Senate, and extremely dishonest on the part of the Guv and the House leadership.

kansanjayhawk 4 years ago

really I think you are wrong and you give no evidence or examples just a raw personal attack...?

Katara 4 years ago

When the Governor (and one that is in the same political party that the Senators belong to) assures them that if they pass that particular bill, it would go into committee and negotiated further, it is reasonable to expect him to be true to his word.

He deceived these Senators by false assurances and then furthered his dishonesty by declaring he would sign the bill into law.

kansanjayhawk 4 years ago

Were you in the room? There seems to be a conflict about the facts of that conversation.

jafs 4 years ago

They shouldn't have believed him, of course.

Legislators should never pass a bill if they don't want it to become law, if that's a clear and obvious possibility.

jafs 4 years ago

While campaigning, he promised to "protect education and social service funding".

Once elected, he almost immediately cut both of them.

Is that a good enough example of a lie for you?

jafs 4 years ago

It was extremely foolish of them to pass a bill that could easily become law if they didn't support it.

Why would anybody believe BB's promises, especially the legislature?

pace 4 years ago

I don't remember Gov. Brownback promising to act like an insane despot toady to the Koch bros. when he ran for office. Of course it was implied.

kansanjayhawk 4 years ago

He is noting acting like a "toady" at all just trying to get us back on a good fiscal foundation.

pace 4 years ago

Brownback is not listening to the legislature, or the people, he isn't paying attention to what the numbers are. I don't think education is being protected, or that Brownback is refuting the numbers. If the budget cuts were legitimately designed to create jobs. They would be carrots, not up front give aways, while raising taxes on working families. I can only assume he is hearing some voice, and by what he is doing, his actions, the voices are Koch.

Patricia Davis 4 years ago

Sounds like a teenager saw early that gov blowsalot was a hot mess.

Kate Rogge 4 years ago

Front seats for Bloody Kansas once more.

JackMcKee 4 years ago

Sammy B won't even be living in Kansas in 4 years. What does he care about the future of the state?

pace 4 years ago

I don't see how the Governor will ever support the schools as long as he has a Koch habit.

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