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Police looking for driver of stolen truck who led officers on chase

May 7, 2012, 2:41 p.m. Updated May 7, 2012, 5:53 p.m.


The Lawrence Police Department called off a pursuit of a stolen vehicle just before noon Monday.

According to Lawrence police Sgt. Trent McKinley, here’s a rundown of the chase:

• The owner of Arrow Auto Sales, 415 N. Main St. in Tonganoxie, saw a teal 1994 Chevy Z-71 truck — stolen from his lot Sunday night — near 23rd and Louisiana streets.

• Police responded and the truck fled, and other police vehicles joined the pursuit.

• The truck drove through north Lawrence near Lawrence Memorial Hospital and back to downtown, before exiting the road and driving on railroad tracks.

• Back on the road, the truck shot through the Pinckney neighborhood, before heading to an area near Second and McDonald.

• Because of safety concerns, the chase was called off.

McKinley said officers were working on several leads in the case.

A 1981 black Trans Am also was stolen last night from the same lot in Tonganoxie, McKinley said.


Brent Fry 6 years ago

Sounds like they should be looking for a fellow by the name of Randall 'Memphis' Raines.

somedude20 6 years ago

A truck and a Trans Am, hey I have a lead for ya, The dude driving the Trans Am goes by the name Bo Bandit Darville and the dude in the trucks name is Cledus "Snowman" Snow. They like Coors beer, Sally Field movies and making cops angry. They are not armed but their dirty minds make them dangerous to any wife, sister, daughter, mother, girlfriend, ect


Bigdog66046 6 years ago

Listening to scanner traffic this was same path as previous chases(s) that got away. This crime ring has learned if they run LPD will let them go. There is safety concerns but that is what all the training they should should have helps them catch the crooks and keep public safe as possible. Catch these guys and they and other will stop coming into Lawrence to commit crimes! And it seems this one LPD supervisor. calls off every chase he ever has on his shift! and why not follow?? I am sure this truck will be found burned or pulled from the river in the next year or so.

Joe Hyde 6 years ago

Back in the day, the boys would have pursued this dip$hit truck thief using red lights and sirens, road blocks, whatever it took for as long as it took; run him until his tongue hangs out. Apprehend him employing whatever force is necessary to make the felony arrest. Then book him, lock him in a jail cell and keep him there awaiting preliminary hearing.

Different world back then, I guess. But it's the same type lousy world for anyone whose multi-thousand dollar vehicle has been stolen.

Darrell Lea 6 years ago

Y'all can joke all you want, I guess. The chase went immediately in front of my house shortly before it was called off. Everyone was going dangerously fast. The police made the correct decision to disengage. It was fortunate that no one was killed or injured.

pace 6 years ago

The reason the chase was probably called off was the danger to the public. I wish they could of caught him. I don't share the glee and admiration for a thief who doesn't care if he kills. I don't care for any hot rodder, who is willing to take out families or stranger by daredevil driving. I think they are scum.

Will Babbit 6 years ago

This isn't Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit folks, they can't just run them into other cars or buildings. They can chase them until they trap them if they're lucky. Obviously the criminals were willing to do anything to get away, including driving on sidewalks, through parks, and down train tracks. The vehicles weren't even their's, so it's not like they cared about damage to them.

I'm not sure what magical properties you think the cops have to stop them. Maybe they should be chyasing them down the road, guns blazing, civilians be damned!

LadyJ 6 years ago

Wasn't there a woman killed just a few years back by a driver being chased by police here in Lawrence? I don't think a stolen car is worth some innocent person being killed. Disclaimer, just my opinion, doesn't have to be anyonebody else's. Not necessarily right or wrong, just the way I feel.

Bigdog66046 6 years ago

If you recall the Suspect was driving like that BEFORE police started chasing and by them not being able to handle pursuits and ending them under their "control" the suspect continued to drive crazy until he finally hit someone ending in the worse possible situation. There are times to call of pursuits and there are times when we should be more aggressive in stopping them. But when we call off 95% of the chasing after they go for 3+ blocks, it's giving the criminals free rain of the town, and telling them next time run, if you put people in danger you will get away. To bad Lawrence isn't trained in P.I.T. maneuvers and cant figure out how to get ahead of the pursuit to properly set up spikes.

JackMcKee 6 years ago

Sounds like a scene from Running Scared.

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