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Kansas House to resume redistricting work

May 7, 2012


— A Kansas House committee plans to start the week trying to do what lawmakers couldn't do last week — draw a new map of state Senate districts that both chambers can accept.

Boundaries of the 40 Senate districts are being adjusted to account for changes in population. By tradition, each chamber of the Kansas Legislatures revises its own map, and the other chamber goes along. But the House has become involved in Senate redistricting this year.

House Speaker Mike O'Neal says his chamber's Redistricting Committee will consider a Senate map similar to one drawn by Sen. Steve Abrams of Arkansas City.

That map has already been narrowly voted down by the Senate — and the House has rejected a version that the Senate approved.


irvan moore 5 years, 8 months ago

work is meaningful and benefits society, what they are doing isn't work

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