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Democrats elect convention delegates

May 7, 2012


Kansas Democrats have elected 33 people to serve as district-level delegates who will represent the party at the Democratic National Convention that is scheduled for the week of Sept. 3 in Charlotte, N.C.

An additional 11 at-large delegates and five party leader and elected official delegates will be selected at the June 9 Democratic State Convention.

Those elected from the 1st Congressional District were Darrell Hamlin, Lawrence Blake Jr., Susan Fowler, Harriet E. Caplan and Ellen Neufeld.

Those elected from the 2nd were Denise Cassells, Rep. Barbara Ballard, Kesar Sharma Crawford, State Board of Education member Carolyn Campbell, Elizabeth Herbert, Ben Cohen, Rex Gardner, Terry Crowder and Ty Dragoo.

Those elected from the 3rd were Donald Low, Justin Hitt, Norman Kahn, Michael Sanders, Merlin Ring, Scott Mackey, Marilyn Hall, Kathy Cook, Beverly Ring, Rashanda Rhodes, Rep. Valdenia Winn and Mary Shulda.

Those elected from the 4th were Brandon Whipple, Keith Humphrey, John Carmichael, Chester Felmon, Pat Lehman, Katherine Davis and Cheryl Jackson.


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