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100 years ago: South Massachusetts Street finally gets pavement

May 7, 2012


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for May 7, 1912:

  • "South Massachusetts street from Banks street to Pawnee street in Breezedale addition is to be paved according to the action of the city council meeting in its regular May session last night. A resolution was introduced and passed calling for this work and soon the south approach of the city will be in good condition. The resolution met with considerable opposition but finally carried.... South Massachusetts street has been in very bad condition for a long time owing to its not being paved.... When this work is completed it will give Lawrence a splendid highway across the entire length of the city extending from the bridge to the end of the street at the street car depot at Haskell."
  • "The three drivers of city fire wagons were given an increase in pay by the council last night of from $60 to $65 per month."
  • "The Golden Belt road is to be marked from Kansas City to Salina this spring, that is now certain. A party of Bonner Springs road enthusiasts made the trip over the road from Bonner to Eudora this afternoon to determine the number of signs necessary along this part of the route. Bonner will mark the road from that city to Eudora, using the officials signs of the Golden Belt."
  • "The Washington post G.A.R. has voted to hold memorial exercises in the opera house. The post was tendered an invitation to hold the exercises in the park. This would have been handy as it is close to the cemetery but the post thought it best to have a meeting entirely to itself at the opera house. A committee waited on Mr. Bowersock today and he said: 'Come on boys, you know you are welcome Decoration Day or any other time you want the house. It is yours.'"
  • "Trustee Chas. Gabriel of Eudora town made his return to the county clerk this morning. He finds the population has increased 13 the past year. It is as follows: city, 620; township, 1086."


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