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100 years ago: Farmers anxious about jury duty during busy season

May 6, 2012


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for May 6, 1912:

  • "The farmers on the jury are all anxious to get off and Judge Smart has excused as many of them as possible from serving on the jury of the May term of the district court. This is a busy time on the farm and the farmers feel that it is a hardship to be forced to serve on a jury. More than one said emphatically that they did not want to shirk duty, but that they really felt their farm work must have first place. The May term of court will hardly be long as Judge Smart will not want to discommode the farmers any more than possible."
  • "H. C. Harris of Stockton, Kansas, a freshman in the engineering school at the University, is in a serious condition as the result of an accident last Saturday night at the corner of Berkley and Rhode Island streets. While riding a motorcycle he collided with a street car and was thrown to the pavement. His condition is reported as being quite serious, but it is believed now that he will recover from the accident."
  • "A raiding party of local officers called at 1333 New Jersey street early yesterday evening but finding no one at home the party broke up and returned to town carrying the unserved warrants in their pockets. Later in the evening Officer Daily and Deputy Sheriff Woods returned to the place and this time were more fortunate in that they found the entire crowd at home. Warrants were quickly produced for the three men and two women and all of them were taken to the county jail. The officers found the five in a room together and ordered them all to prepare to accompany the officers up town. Several of them were rather reluctant to do so, saying that it would require more 'law' to take them. Daily produced a vicious looking six shooter and the five made hasty preparations to do the officers' bidding, and were soon in the county jail."
  • "The old fire engine is again ready for duty. It was thoroughly tested this morning and is now in its old place at the fire station but presenting a very much changed appearance The brass has all been polished and the machine looks like new. The firemen took charge of it after the test and have it all cleaned up and ready for business.... In the test this morning the engine pumped water out of the cistern at the corner of Massachusetts and Winthrop streets and threw a stream about 100 feet in the air."


FlintlockRifle 5 years, 7 months ago

Wonder if this was the same ""fireengine"" that was on the west side of south park. Does anyone know where it is today after it was removed to be ""rebuilt"" several years ago.

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