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100 years ago: Sunday School students parade to downtown, hold rally in Opera House

May 5, 2012


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for May 5, 1912:

"The Sunday School Rally yesterday was the most wonderful thing that has happened in Lawrence in years. It was such a great success that already there is a widespread demand to make it an annual event... The children were in line and they were in the greatest kind of glee over the success of their efforts.... The procession was formed in front of the Methodist church and it was led by the hand. The banners were flying and the children were having the time of their lives. The Methodists had the most in numbers, the Baptists had the most banners and the Friends had the largest per cent of their membership in the parade. The other schools all made fine showings and everybody was well pleased. The parade marched down the street to the opera house and here the Sunday Schools from North Lawrence were waiting. A cheer went up when the marchers saw the splendid showing of the schools on the north side. That was the time when the enthusiasm reached its highest point. It was a great race into the opera house and soon every seat was filled. The opera house is large, but it was not large enough for the crowd yesterday. After assembling the meeting was called to order by the band rendering a selection. Then there was music by a choir of girls which was fine.... R. E. Diffendorfer was introduced and proceeded to make one of the finest addresses ever heard in this city.... The rally shows that the Sunday School spirit is very much alive in Lawrence and it means that there will be a revival all along the line."


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