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100 years ago: Warmer weather brings dandelions, electric fans, khaki pants

May 3, 2012


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for May 3, 1912:

  • "N. H. Gibbons, proprietor of the Aurora and Grand moving picture theaters in Lawrence, has offered the use of one of these places to the churches of Lawrence, for every Sunday afternoon for the rest of the year. The churches may take turns using the theater and may select either one they desire. The feature of the meetings will be moving pictures, the films to be either religious or educational, the subjects to be those that will be of material benefit to those who see them. The only money that the churches will have to pay will be a slight expense, the very nominal one for expenses to the theater which may be provided for by collection. The feature of these meetings will be that they will be down town affairs and that they may attract many who do not attend church regularly. Also during the summer weather, when the temperature is very warm, the theaters are cool inside, for they are darkened and the electric fans keep a perfect system of ventilation going."
  • "Kill the dandelions! The pests are getting a firm hold about town and many of the lawns that would be the prettiest are covered with the yellow flowers. The dandelions are spreading rapidly and every precaution should be taken to have them killed out root and all at once."
  • "Summer did you say? Anyone dispute you? They had better not for at two o'clock this afternoon it was 89 in the shade and that is not so very cool. There was a noticeable increase of electric fans about town."
  • "The boys of the 8th grade, Central, have joined together and are going to wear light Khaki pants the rest of the school term. They sure do things right when they once get started."


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