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Four vehicles involved in wreck on U.S. 59

May 2, 2012


Two people were treated and released from Lawrence Memorial Hospital after a Tuesday evening crash involving four vehicles on U.S. Highway 59 about 3 miles south of Lawrence.

Douglas County Undersheriff Steve Hornberger said at 6 p.m. Laura Brown, 37, of Baldwin City, had stopped her northbound Ford vehicle and was waiting to turn left onto North 873 Road, when a 2001 Oldsmobile driven by Jedediah Peterson, 21, of Carbondale, rear-ended her. Her vehicle was knocked into oncoming traffic, and two southbound vehicle struck it.

The drivers of the two southbound vehicles, Shelly Moore, 36, of Baldwin City, and Adam Larson, 19, of Leonardville, were both taken to LMH and later released.

Hornberger said Peterson was cited for following too closely and driving with an expired license.


Hooligan_016 6 years ago

Man, it is incidents like this that make me super paranoid while commuting on 59 every day.

jesse499 6 years ago

I'm paranoid every where people don't pay attention when their driving cell phone what have you.They also think passing that next car is going to get them there so much faster and he's setting be side them at the next light.

Dee Harrell-Schneck 6 years ago

I saw the vehicles shortly after it happened - it looked a lot worse than what it apparently was. I'm SO glad that there weren't worse injuries!!

FlintlockRifle 6 years ago

Laura must have had her wheels turned for making a turn, anyway like 499 said to many I want to lead this parade, to many drivers with electronic devices in hand anymore

Clickker 6 years ago

Even with no cell phone etc., it is amazing to me that these young drivers feel the need to literally tailgate the car in front of them going 60 mph+. No way you can stop in time if someting happens.

blindrabbit 6 years ago

A 21 year old with an expired license, how old was he when he got a license, and for what period of time is a license issued? Or maybe better how irresponsible was this young gent?

daschie88 6 years ago

Your license expires on your 21st birthday no matter what...maybe he hadn't renewed it since the big day.

CloveK 6 years ago

Yup. That was put into effect a number of years back. If you get your license when you turn sixteen it is good until you turn 20. That license is only good for a year, then you have to renew yet again when you turn 21.

All that hassle because it must be very difficult to locate the date of birth on the under 21 version. Ridiculous,.

appleaday 6 years ago

I drive to Kansas City every day. People of all ages tailgate any more. There seems to be a bullying mentality to get people to move out of the way. I speed up to pass so I can get out of the left lane as soon as possible but I still have folks who get as close as they can. It's dangerous and stupid.

Beth Ennis 6 years ago

I have to say I am religious about NOT turning my wheels until I am going for this very reason. I have seen stories like this too many times. It doesn't appear she was injured seriously from the article, I hope that is true. Very scary.

Tonytiger11208 6 years ago

All the following car has to do is swerve toward the shoulder and catch the right rear of the car in front to spin the car into oncoming traffic. The turning driver need not turn the wheel.

Randall Uhrich 6 years ago

Peterson, 21, was cited for following too closely and driving with an expired license. Predictable. If not Tuesday, then later.

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