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House panel advances proposed state budget

May 1, 2012


— A Kansas House panel has finished writing a proposed $14 billion state budget for the fiscal year that starts in July.

The House Appropriations Committee made its final changes to the plan Tuesday. The measure also contains supplemental funding sought by Gov. Sam Brownback for the current budget year, including $24.6 million for public schools.

Committee chairman Marc Rhoades said the House will probably debate the bill next week, although the chamber could take it up later this week.

The Senate expects to begin debating its version of the budget starting Wednesday.


Michael LoBurgio 6 years ago

Kansas GOP [KOCH] Oft-raided children's endowment nearly broke stealing money from kids |

Michael LoBurgio 6 years ago

Thanks Rep Ann Mah for standing up for the middle class and poor in kansas!

This is a sad day for the legislature!

This is a sad day for the legislature when we are given "compromise" numbers to fit the Governor's agenda. Legislative research already provided the real numbers and they showed a picture of deficits in a few years with these massive tax cuts. Now we have "compromise" numbers that fit the agenda much better. And here's the agenda: No money for schools or seniors or the disabled; tax cuts for the richest Kansans.

We all want to be competitive and attract businesses, but the truth is that Kansas is an average income tax state. We do not have an income tax problem. We have a property tax problem. We are one of the worst states for property taxes. Let's listen to the people. The number one priority of Kansans - even according to Republican polls - is to restore K12 funding. After that, people want either a property tax cut or a start on a rainy day fund. That's because Kansans are smart and reasonable people!

The worst part is that these tax cuts take money away from the poorest working Kansans and give it to the richest. Really sad day here. I hope cool heads prevail and we come to better solutions for the Kansas people. They deserve it and we can do it.

nomas 6 years ago

Blue Kansas, why should the middle class be subsidized by various deductions and programs of the state government? Even if you take all the money of the wealthy, there is not enough to subsidize sundry programs for the middle class. Isn't this spreading entitlement how we have gotten into such debt problems? The tax code needs simplification and that will require closing most of these deductions, exemptions, and so on.

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