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Romney’s attack ad strategy: time to take on Obama soon?

March 30, 2012


— Rick Santorum doesn’t care about the unemployment rate. Newt Gingrich has “more baggage than the airlines.” Both are Washington insiders who have bent their principles for money and influence.

So say Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney and his allies.

That advertising playbook has helped make Romney his party’s likely presidential nominee and could offer a preview of what awaits President Barack Obama in this summer’s general election campaign.

Voters in early primary states have seen plenty of this ad strategy already: a torrent of attacks on Romney’s opponents along with a few positive spots about the GOP front-runner’s biography and business experience. The strategy, devised by Romney’s campaign and an allied independent group, has been focused and unforgiving, all but eviscerating the former Massachusetts governor’s rivals while portraying the candidate as an effective manager and devoted family man.

“The ads have been very effective,” says Jonathan Collegio, a spokesman for American Crossroads, a conservative-leaning super political action committee. They’ve catapulted Romney “into a very strong position in the Republican primary without going so far that he’s alienated swaths of independent voters.”

The general election phase of the campaign will tell whether that’s true.

One thing that’s certain is that the Romney team’s approach has successfully shepherded him through a primary season in which voters have been far more conservative than the candidate was perceived to be.

Romney’s team now faces a far greater challenge: persuading a more centrist general electorate to bounce Obama, who polling shows has much higher favorability ratings than Romney himself.

The Romney campaign and Restore Our Future, a super PAC supporting his candidacy, together have poured about $50 million into television ads in the primary campaign so far, according to information provided to The Associated Press by ad buyers. No other candidate or super PAC has come close to that level of spending.

Restore Our Future, which is run by several former Romney advisers, has spent more than $35 million on TV ads alone, almost of which have been negative attacks against Santorum and Gingrich.

ROF’s approach has been clear and unadorned: Cut straight to the heart of Romney’s rivals’ vulnerabilities, often using their own words against them. Make accusations about their records, citing news sources as support.


Cait McKnelly 6 years, 2 months ago

Anybody else think daddy George is rolling over in his grave?

just_another_bozo_on_this_bus 6 years, 2 months ago

"Rick Santorum doesn’t care about the unemployment rate."

The only reason any of the Republicans care about the unemployment rate is as a campaign issue. If elected, that care would disappear on the first Wednesday of November.

Richard Heckler 6 years, 2 months ago

What do republicans consistently bring to the table yet never discuss on the campaign trail:

A truck load of entitlements for the 1% = yucko

  1. ENTITLEMENT - TABOR is Coming by Grover Norquist and Koch Bros sells out state governments, public schools,SRS services etc etc to private industry = Grab Your Wallets!

Home Loan Fraud number one and two

  1. ENTITLEMENT - Bailing out The Reagan/Bush Savings and Loan Heist aka home loan scandal sent the economy out the window costing taxpayers many many $$ trillions (Cost taxpayers $1.4 trillion), Plus millions of jobs, loss of retirement plans and loss of medical insurance.

  2. ENTITLEMENT - Bailing out the Bush/Cheney Home Loan Wall Street Bank Fraud cost consumers $ trillions, millions of jobs, loss of retirement plans and loss of medical insurance. Exactly like the Reagan/Bush home loan scam. Déjà vu can we say. Yep seems to be a pattern.

Where did the bail out money go?

4.ENTITLEMENT - Bush/Cheney implied many financial institutions were at risk instead of only 3? One of the biggest lies perpetrated to American citizens. Where did this money go? Why were some banks forced to take bail out money?

More and more tax cuts for the 1%

  1. Tax cuts = the ENTITLEMENT program for the wealthy which do nothing to make an economy strong or produce jobs. Tax cuts are a tax increase to others in order to make up the loss in revenue = duped again.

Still A Bad ENTITLEMENT Idea – Bush Tax Cuts aka The ENTITLEMENT program for the wealthy at the expense of the middle class = duped one more time.

  1. In the end big debt and super duper bailouts were the results which does not seem to bother Republicans, as long as they are in power.

In fact, by the time the second Bush left office, the national debt had grown to $12.1 trillion:

  • ENTITLEMENT - Over half of that amount had been created by Bush’s tax cuts for the very wealthy.

  • ENTITLEMENT - Another 30% of the national debt had been created by the tax cuts for the wealthy under Presidents Reagan and George H.W. Bush.

• ENTITLEMENT - Fully 81% of the national debt was created by just these three Republican Presidents.

Flap Doodle 6 years, 2 months ago

Wow! Haven't seen that set of links in at least a week. BTW, the last item may have been true at one time, but is no longer so thanks to the spending habits of the current regime.

pace 6 years, 2 months ago

If you are really interested in free loading on the hard working tax payer and live in Kansas. Then form a corporation in Kansas. Brownie will give you tax money which should go to education. Call your corporation job creator inc.

Paul R Getto 6 years, 2 months ago

On a serious note (apologies) early primary research seems to indicate people don't like the negative adds, they aren't really influencing people's choices and it seems to be depressing voter turnout. "A study released last week by the Bipartisan Policy Center found that turnout in the GOP presidential primaries (not including caucuses) has fallen to 11.5 percent, down from 13.2 percent in 2008 and 12.2 percent in 2000. Eight of 13 primaries held so far this year saw lower Republican turnout, but five did yield higher turnout, and the report said turnout spiked in states with open primaries that allowed independents or independents and Democrats to vote." Read more:"

deec 6 years, 2 months ago

It doesn't matter which brand of politician is in office. They'll do what their corporate owners want them to do, and corporations like high unemployment. It keeps people desperate and willing to put up with lousy working conditions. There is no magical cure for Bush's recession. The jobs are gone. They've moved to Asia.

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