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100 years ago: Local telephone company releasing new directories

March 30, 2012


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for March 30, 1912:

  • "The many patrons of the Missouri and Kansas telephone company will welcome the news that the new directories will be printed in large legible type. The directories as usual will be printed at the office of the Journal-World and will be issued in about thirty days. The books will be trimmed to six inches wide by nine inches long and will have a good durable cover printed in two colors. The type will be the same as that used in printing the Journal-World.... While the books now in use are well printed, the type is so small that in general it has been unsatisfactory."
  • "The Kansas river and the Missouri still are on the rise. Fed by the melting snow of Nebraska and Iowa which ten days ago were fifteen inches deep, and by last Saturday's more recent snowfall, nearly all have increased in depth and rises since yesterday have been pronounced, but present conditions give no immediate apprehension of a flood.... The Missouri is still more than five feet below the flood line at Kansas City. Nothing except rains would cause danger and these are not expected."
  • "Apple Pie School, in District Number 27, Clinton township, Douglas county, is one of the livest school districts in Kansas. The teacher, Arthur Kalb, has planned many interesting events for his school and those for the annual school program on April 4 are the 'best ever.' On that day the school will show that just because it is located in a rural district is no sign that this is not just as much progressive, and maybe more so, than the town schools."


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