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Shots fired at Lawrence home, no injuries reported

March 27, 2012


Police are investigating an overnight incident where someone fired a gun at a residence in the 1000 block of Natalie Drive, just east of 26th Street and Haskell Avenue, said Kim Murphree, a Lawrence police spokeswoman.

After being dispatched to the scene shortly after 1:30 a.m. Tuesday, police discovered the residence had been damaged by multiple gunshots. A Lawrence woman was the only person inside at the time, and she wasn’t injured, Murphree said.

A suspect has not been identified in the case.


mikekt 2 years ago

Let us be specific. No, it couldn't have been George H.W. Bush.....that is not his style.
So that leaves us with Baby Bush or one of his many clones. You do know that the pseudo-coservatives cloned him don't you?........and those clones are worst than Chicken Man, in that they are truly everywhere!


FalseHopeNoChange 2 years ago

Ok. I flushed a "covey" of docile racoons and tried to "bag" a couple of the rascals.


Jeff Belaire 2 years ago

Probably someone from Lawrence acting like they from one of the cities.


UNIKU 2 years ago

I'm sure the shots were first by corrupt police officers and city commissioners....because those are the only real criminals in town according some local loons...


bigtoe 2 years ago

Now "idyllic" Lawrence, Kansas has graduated to out-and-out drive-by shootings in suburban neighborhoods.

The police and prosecutor need to really pursue the shooter(s). This person needs to get 30 years in Leavenworth to set an example for the rest of the trash in this town.


bytchywitchy 2 years ago

oh my thats to close for comfort. hope they find they idiot that did this or idiots. at least my family was safe from all of this. isnt that about where the arrested a guy a few weeks back for drugs????? makes a person wonder....


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