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Public asked to report ‘docile’ raccoons to city

March 27, 2012


Lawrence officials are asking area residents to be on the lookout for raccoons that display signs of lethargy or seem unusually docile or tame.

Area wildlife officials have determined the raccoons are not infected with rabies but are carrying an illness that can be spread to pets and other animals. City officials, who have received several calls about the raccoons, are advising pet owners to ensure their pets are up-to-date with their vaccinations.

Megan Gilliland, city spokeswoman, said the raccoons likely have contracted a strain of distemper, a respiratory illness fatal to animals that contract it.

Distemper, according to the city, cannot be transmitted from animals to humans. The city, however, is still recommending that Lawrence residents who come across an odd-acting raccoon contact the Police Department at 832-7509, and an animal control officer will be sent to the scene.

Gilliland said wildlife officials are speculating the mild winter may have increased the cases of distemper in the area’s raccoon population.


littlexav 5 years ago

Well, I was about to internet-rage on you for not only being off-topic but also drinking the Kool-Aid. Looks like I was wrong. As someone who raises heritage breeds of chicken, I can't imagine having the state tell me that would be illegal. Too bad for these farmers, I hope they can get some sort of judicial relief.

bender 5 years ago

Odd that they are so concerned about a disease that does not spread to humans. A few years back I called Animal Control to report a bat that was possibly rabid, flying erratically in broad daylight in a neighborhood full of kids and they said that they don't deal with stuff like that. I was told I could contact a private pest control company to get rid of the bat if I desired. Seems like protecting humans from rabies should be a higher priority than protecting our pets from distemper.

littlexav 5 years ago

Amen - with the "abortions records in a dumpster" story today, LJWorld reported that the woman who found the records called the police, but they wouldn't send an officer so she called the KCStar. Pretty sad that our elected officials and our sworn protectors are more concerned about PR than actually protecting us, but if those are the rules they're going to set then those are the rules we'll have to live by.

purplesage 5 years ago

That's a switch. I called in just such a racoon about a week to week and a half ago. It was along a public street, in a residential area. I was told animal control would not respond but that the adjacent property owner would have to call a pest control company to have the issue handled privately.

Paul R Getto 5 years ago

What if the Raccoons are wearing hoodies?

classclown 5 years ago

bender (anonymous) says…

Seems like protecting humans from rabies should be a higher priority than protecting our pets from distemper.


Seems like the word "our" does not belong in that sentence as I highly doubt anyone making such a statement has pets.

bender 5 years ago

Guess again clown. I've got three dogs and I do care about them, but I care a heck of a lot more about my three kids and if given the choice I'd lose all three dogs (and frankly every dog in Lawrence) to distemper rather than one of my children or any other child to rabies.

boot2010 5 years ago

We called one in last night that was just sitting in the middle of the road for almost 30 minutes. It didn't even flinch when cars would drive by it. 2 police officers came about 20 minutes later. By that point it had wandered to the neighbors yard. They got it away from the house and then shot it. Bang. Then they left it there. I guess someone picked it up later. It around midnight when it happened so I bet the gunshot was a little scary for the neighborhood! It was pretty creepy the way it was just sitting there. Almost like it was hoping a car would run it over so it would stop feeling so bad.

boot2010 4 years, 12 months ago

OK...why would I lie about this? I even have my name attached to my comment...uglyrumor.

RoeDapple 5 years ago

I spotted a skunk acting erratically ( took a few steps, fell over, repeat) in broad daylight a few years ago. I called a veteranarian who asked if I had a live trap. "No". Do you have a rifle? "Yes". Then you know what to do. "Done".

George_Braziller 5 years ago

I called animal control once about a skunk that was flopping around and couldn't even walk anymore. It was mid-morning, took half an hour for anyone to show up, and then it was two police cars. Took another 45 minutes before one of the three officers finally decided to just shoot it and put it out of its misery.

RoeDapple 5 years ago

Yup. The vet said any skunk seen during the day is suspect for rabies. If they act erratically it is almost a sure bet. Probably could apply to most nocturnal species.

Ragingbear 5 years ago

On the other hand, if you see one drooling and acting violent, don't do anything. The rabies will kill it eventually. Sometimes a nice petting will calm them down.

James Minor 5 years ago

The urinal world just reported five hoodie wearing racoons were buying skittles and canned tea. The LPD were called and tried to arrest them. After some nifty negotiating with a few KU BBall tickets they were allowed to leave. The LPD Barnies were out smarted by those docile bandits again!

LadyJ 5 years ago

Squirrels get distemper too. Wouldn't hurt to watch out for them also.

Jeremiah Jefferson 5 years ago

I don't know that I have ever seen a racoon that didn't act odd. I didn't know racoons could be civilized

coryweber 5 years ago

So, basically we're lookin out for stoned racoons.

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