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Cats may purr to your heart’s content

March 26, 2012


We know that pets are beneficial to our health — they can lower a person’s blood pressure, cholesterol and triglyceride levels, and provide opportunities for exercise and socialization.

In some cases, the source of the benefits is obvious. You walk a dog for two miles, you’ll be in better shape. But some of the reported benefits are baffling.

A 10-year study at the University of Minnesota Stroke Center found that cat owners were 40 percent less likely to have heart attacks than non-cat owners.

Could a cat’s purr be the reason?

“Cats will purr when they’re content, but also they’ll purr when they’re about to be euthanized. It’s thought they purr to communicate with their kittens,” says author and animal behavior consultant Steve Dale. “It’s thought to be a calming mechanism.

“If that’s the case ... maybe they calm themselves or other cats, but maybe there’s a fallout and there’s another mammal species, us, that’s impacted.”

In another study, conducted at Kean University in New Jersey, subjects watched a “Lassie” movie. Their levels of cortisol — a chemical associated with stress — were checked before and after the film, and showed a decline after the movie.

This animal connection, Dale explained, “alters our neurochemistry. Not just the physiology, the blood pressure change, which is significant, but also the neurochemistry. The scientists are discovering there really is a difference here.”


Kat Christian 2 years ago

Well aside from purring. I have a cat with bathroom behavioral problems. I got her from the Humaine Society a few months ago. I've worked with her to try and remedy the problem, until she went on my computer case. The house is beginning to smell like a cat box. I've had two cats before and it never smelled like that. She goes on the dryer, mostly clothes either on the floor, clothes basket or on top of the dryer. She also goes in clothes basket. I'm at the end of my rope. Called the Humaine Society -- t hey told me I had to schedule a time to bring the cat to them and right now they have no room. No wander people just kick their animals out the door especially when you get a response like this.


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