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100 years ago: KU’s class-changing whistle takes town by surprise

March 26, 2012


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for March 26, 1912:

  • "'What is the matter? Why are they blowing the curfew?' 'Is there going to be a flood? Is that why the curfew is blowing?' 'Is the water rising? The whistle is blowing.' 'Is the University on fire? The whistle keeps blowing.' 'Is some one killed at the University? Why does the whistle blow?' 'What accident has there been? The K.U. whistle blows all the time.' Those are just a few of the questions that were asked the Journal-World yesterday afternoon when the whistle at the University first began its new duty of being the signal for changing classes. Notwithstanding the fact that full notice had been given that the University whistle would begin its work yesterday, the blowing of the 'curfew' caused general surprise about town. Heretofore the whistle has been used merely a few times a day and when it has blown for any prolonged time, the people of Lawrence have taken it for granted that there is something serious the matter. As soon as the whistle blows, students are expected to leave their classes at once, and the class hour will contain 50 minutes with ten minutes between the classes."
  • "A new pupil has enrolled in Professor F. C. Dockeray's psychology class. The new pupil is only a dog but he is a lively one for he was making great sport in the basement of the Administrative building this morning.... The class in laboratory psychology is attempting to find out the ability of dogs to learn and whether they learn by association of impulses or by ideas, and whether they have ideas or not.


SpicePirate 6 years ago

Whatever could it be?! A Plague? Brownback descending upon Lawrence?! (I realize this was a hundred years ago, but evil never dies)

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