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100 years ago: City surprised by heavy springtime snowfall

March 25, 2012


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for March 25, 1912:

  • "The spirit of '76 was abroad Saturday only instead of 1776 it belonged to 1876. The heaviest snowfall ever recorded by the University for March was in 1876 when seventeen inches fell, but Saturday the spirit of that year returned with renewed vigor and so vigorous was it that it did not disappear until the ground was covered with nineteen inches of snow. Rather deep that. Saturday when the snow began falling and continued through the day everyone thought that it would stop every moment and that surely the temperature was sufficiently warm that the snow would not remain on the ground long enough to cause any trouble. But 'everyone' had not reckoned with that '76 spirit, for so fast and heavy did the flakes fall that by afternoon the ground was covered with a heavy 'blanket' of snow, but blanket is not the correct word for who ever saw a 19-inch blanket.... The street car company of course had the most trouble. The snow plows were taken out and large gangs of men put to work about town clearing the tracks.... Never has there been a more concerted action for keeping the walks clear about town than there was Saturday and yesterday. No sooner had the heavy snow fallen than gangs of men and boys were out applying at various homes about town for permission to clean off the walks and the small boys took advantage of the storm to make extra spending money."
  • "The severe snowfall, physicians say, is likely to cause much illness unless people are careful. Damp feet and exposure to the damper snow is conducive to grippe and colds. At present there are reports of many cases of grippe and cold and some pneumonia. Both grippe and colds are caused by germs and these germs are easily contracted. All common cups should be eliminated, and in public places every possible caution should be exerted to prevent the spread of grippe and colds."
  • "The Engineers' Day which was to have been held on Friday of this week has been postponed now until April 30. This postponement was found necessary because of the very bad weather."


pace 6 years, 2 months ago

A today my sidewalk is covered in fallen blossoms, my flowers and trees are covered in a blanket of blooms.

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