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100 years ago: Schoolchildren to test seed corn for area farmers

March 24, 2012


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for March 24, 1912:

  • "Will the University whistle toot-toot for classes to be dismissed? The question is quite pertinent at this time. Each day the students listen eagerly for the familiar sound of the big whistle, but to no avail. It seems that the whistle blower has 'resigned' or forgets that the big noise maker is to shriek at intervals of fifty minutes throughout the day. The classes at the University continue to be held up to the last minute and the students are forced to hurry from building to building in order not to arouse the ire of the waiting professor."
  • "The meeting of the Lawrence automobilists will be held tonight at the Eldridge for the purpose of organizing a branch of the American Automobile Association. The A.A.A. is taking an active part in the campaign for good roads and branch clubs are being organized all over the country."
  • "On February 25 when the heavy snow fell and piled up in drifts, eight chickens on the H. F. Green farm nine miles north of town were buried in a deep drift. Naturally all that was thought about the chickens was that they would be frozen to death. On March 19 the chickens were found after the snow melted and four of them are still alive."
  • "In order that the school children of Douglas county may test the seed corn that their fathers are planting on the farms of Douglas county, Superintendent Hawley of the county schools is sending out circulars to be posted in the various school buildings explaining simple methods of doing this kind of work in the school room. Mr. Hawley is urging the teachers of the schools to promote the work and much good is expected to be derived from the testing done by the school children. It has been found this season that the corn is poor for planting purposes and a big effort is being made to induce farmers all over the country to test their seed corn before planting this spring. It is estimated that one ear of corn planted that will not grow results in a loss of about four dollars to the farmer so that it will be seen that the test is a valuable one.... Mr. Hawley states that his work is meeting with success and that the parents as well as the children are becoming very much interested."


FlintlockRifle 6 years ago

Some tuff chickens there on the Green farm, would not care to chow down on these birds

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