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100 years ago: Lawrence to have more uniform sidewalks, building permits

March 23, 2012


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for March 23, 1912:

  • "A new sidewalk ordinance is due to make its appearance in the city ordinance book in the near future, if the wishes of Mayor Bishop are complied with.... One of the provisions wanted is one that will require all property owners who put in sidewalks to use cement, thus making all sidewalks of the city uniform in construction.... Other legislation was discussed. Councilman Broeker suggested that the city should have a building permit ordinance which would make it necessary for all persons desiring to build in the city to first secure a permit to do so. Such an ordinance is now in force within the fire limit, but outside of that building is carried on without this formality required by all larger cities."
  • "The report to the Board of Regents of the affairs of the University cafeteria would indicate that the new lunch room has had a flourishing introduction. During its first month 1580 persons were fed by the 'help yourself -- pay for what you get method.' The report shows that the popularity of the cooking and domestic science department is increasing for each week the number of meals served grows larger."
  • "Robert Covey of 909 Indiana today identified as his the clothes found by Frank Sauer the first of the week. They had been stolen from the home some time ago along with a number of other articles. The dagger that was found at the time was also the property of Covey. When the latter saw the story in the Journal-World of Mr. Sauer's find he immediately investigated and found that the clothes and dagger were the ones that had been taken from his room."
  • "No trouble is feared here from high water today. The freeze last night stopped any immediate danger that might rise from a three foot rise reported on the way."


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