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100 years ago: Mysterious bundle found near waterworks

March 21, 2012


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for March 21, 1912:

"One suit of clothing, partially worn out. One pair of trousers. One flannel shirt (marked Stockton, California). Several suits of underwear. One pair of fine blankets. One dangerous looking dagger (hand carved). One camping outfit, including boxes of matches and other paraphernalia. Miscellaneous articles. Those were the contents of a strange looking sack that Frank Sauer, manager of the Waterworks, found this morning in the willows by the power plant up the river. The sack is canvas and resembles closely the ordinary mail sacks. It appears to have been fastened together by hand. When Mr. Sauer found this great bulging sack naturally his curiosity was aroused as it was on the property of the Water Company. He took the sack and brought it to the office where he spread out the contents. Much to his surprise he found that it contained a varied array of things.... The sack evidently had either been dropped in a hurry or had been hidden away in the willows from any curious gaze. Just what the meaning of the outfit can be is not known. The appearance of the contents would give the impression that they did not all belong to one person, as they are a strange collection. The clothing is for a small-size man, and it is all clean, and although of coarse material is whole and neat.... It may be that they are the property of some Mexican who has been working on the railroad and who was preparing to catch a freight train west as the Mexicans often do. Another assumption is that they may be the property of some tramp, but this does not seem possible as the cooking utensils and everything are of the neatest kind and are very clean. It may be that the outfit belongs to some criminal who is trying to escape and who, afraid of carrying the load as a handicap, threw it away in the willows. Who knows? Anyway, the collection is at the Water company's uptown office and the ugly looking dagger is there as a mute witness of some awful deed that might have been committed. Who knows?"


Sarah St. John 6 years, 2 months ago

Or the fact that the cooking utensils couldn't possibly belong to a "tramp" because they were all so neat and clean. Hmmmm....

Well, stay tuned -- later this week you'll find out how wrong or right their assumptions turned out to be!

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