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Kansas first lady Mary Brownback announces book festival grant winners

March 20, 2012


First Lady Mary Brownback on Tuesday announced winners of Kansas Book Festival grants.

First Lady Mary Brownback on Tuesday announced winners of Kansas Book Festival grants.

— Kansas first lady Mary Brownback on Tuesday announced the winners of $13,000 in Kansas Book Festival grants.

“These grants are designed to further the Kansas Book Festival’s goals of promoting literacy and encouraging a life-long love of reading,” Brownback said. “These grants will help improve local and school libraries across the state.”

The grants will go to 16 libraries in Walton, Great Bend, Thayer, Bird City, Gypsum, Iola, Westmoreland, El Dorado, Baileyville, Towanda, St. Francis, Holton, Sedgwick, Atchison, Argonia and Stafford.

The grants were funded through money raised by last year’s book festival and corporate sponsors, according to the governor’s office.

The 2012 Kansas Book Festival will be Sept. 15 at the Kansas Museum of History. It is a free, day-long event.


FlintHawk 3 years ago

Interesting. I don't recall her making public appearances. Is this part of a strategy to make her husband more likeable?

meggers 3 years ago

$13,000 split between 16 libraries is only a little over $800 per library. I'm sure the libraries will be happy to have whatever they can get, but it's still a pretty meager amount.

repete66211 3 years ago

Given how crooked her hubby is I'd be very surprised if there weren't some political angle to this, like a stipulation that funds can only be used to buy books featuring abstinent characters.

Kontum1972 3 years ago

were they all bibles?

would of been better if the "brownbacks" would of matched that amount out of their own pockets now that would of been a true Miracle...

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