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Kansas City police officer lauded for devotion to DUI arrests

March 20, 2012


— A Kansas City, Kan., police officer who has taken about 10,000 drunken drivers to jail during his nearly 20-year career said he’s driven by a chance to help people, including those who are drunk behind the wheel.

Officer Kenneth Garrett made more than 400 arrests for DUI last year, far more than any other officer in Kansas, The Kansas City Star reported last week.

“Everybody finds their niche at some point,” Garrett said. “My little niche is finding drunks.”

Garrett has been involved in several humorous or unusual arrests. Three drunken drivers have collided with Garrett’s patrol car, one on purpose. He also arrested the drivers of two large RVs that crashed while racing around a parking lot at Kansas Speedway.

He considers enforcing drunken driving laws a serious business.

“You get tired of the drunk drivers,” he said. “You see all of the property damage, all of the injuries and all of the deaths they cause.”

Carl McDonald, national law enforcement initiatives manager for MADD, said it’s rare to see an officer like Garrett, who has consistently recorded a large number of DUI arrests over such a long period.

As the police department’s DUI coordinator and only full-time DUI enforcement officer, Garrett varies his methods for finding drunken drivers.

Sometimes he’ll park and run radar at certain locations, while other times he drives around looking for signs of impaired driving, such as drivers who are weaving, making wide turns, straddling lane dividers or driving at night without headlights.

Capt. Moses Toledo, who leads the department’s traffic support unit, said Garrett is “definitely an asset to the department.”


Ragingbear 6 years, 2 months ago

Future Headline: Officer once lauded for DUI arrest found to have been faking evidence.

rukidingme 6 years, 2 months ago

Congrats officer keep up the good work, but as a former officer be careful as you might already know. You do your job and take drunks off the road but the ones that have not been caught or ones that have been caught will tell lies about you to your department with attempt to get rid of you.

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