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Kansas gets $4.4M to turn around faltering schools

March 19, 2012


— Kansas is receiving a $4.4 million federal grant to continue efforts to turn around its persistently lowest-achieving schools.

The Kansas State Department of Education says the money will benefit seven schools in the Wichita, Kansas City, Kan., Topeka, Cherokee and Liberal school districts.

The schools have received funding previously from the U.S. Department of Education program, which requires districts to choose an aggressive turnaround model. One option is replacing the principal and improving the school through comprehensive reforms.


consumer1 6 years, 2 months ago

The school(s) administration will waste that in no time at all, new furniture, paint, carpet, window dressing, for administrator's. Oh, but there won't actually be any left over for the troubled schools themselves. That will require another amost 5 million dollars... maybe more.

Greg Cooper 6 years, 2 months ago

Reading comprehension:

Requires schools "..... to choose an aggressive turnaround model." Sounds as if the money comes with caveats, probably not including physical plant upgrades.

It's great that you have designated yourself Mr. Negative when it comes to schools, but perhaps it would be good if you'd understand what you're negative about.

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