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100 years ago: Canadian museum receives gift of fossils from Kansas, Wyoming

March 16, 2012


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for March 16, 1912:

Prof. C. H. Sternberg and his son George Sternberg left today for Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, en route for Ottawa, Canada, where they will spend two months mounting two very valuable fossils for the Victoria Memorial Museum. The fossils that the two Sternbergs will mount are among the most valuable ever found. They are the Mosasaur, a swimming lizard just twenty and a half feet long, and the Titanotherium, a tiny animal measuring just eight feet high and twelve feet long. Prof. Sternberg's fame as a fossil hunter is too well known not only to Lawrence people but to the whole world, for there are many explanations as to why Canada should come to Lawrence for fossils. The Mosasaur was found in Gove county, Kansas, by George Sternberg last summer. It is a remarkable specimen and Canada considers herself fortunate in securing the Mosasaur. The Titanotherium, a most forbidding name, is known to have existed before the elephant, and is almost as large as that animal. It was found in Wyoming by Prof. Sternberg. It will take about ten months to mount this animal, as the greatest care must be exercised to see that it is mounted without any danger to the original shape of the animal.... Dr. John Coulter, head botanist at Chicago University, said at his lecture at Snow Hall yesterday, '[Kansas] University is great on finding Mesozoic fossils.... It seems to me you ought to be able to find some valuable pockets of fossil plants out here that would represent the one missing link in the chain of Vascular evolution.... America has a wealth of fossil material in casts, but as yet none have been found that can be sectioned and they are worthless to the botanist in solving the mystery in the evolutionary chain.'"


FlintlockRifle 6 years, 3 months ago

Stop in at Hayes, and see the Sternberg Museum, that is if you like old fossils. While you are there if staying the night at one of the motels, ask about the Sun Set Tours, they are free.---

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