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Statewide tornado drill planned for 1:30 today; Kansans encouraged to practice severe weather safety plan

March 13, 2012


Despite today’s beautiful spring weather, Kansans will be taking cover this afternoon.

About 1:30 p.m. today, a statewide tornado drill will take place. Regardless of where people are — schools, businesses or at home — they are encouraged to participate by practicing their severe weather safety plan.

As part of the drill, a tornado test warning will be issued. Outdoor warning sirens, NOAA weather radios and voice alert radios will be activated.

Before the drill, Douglas County Emergency Management asks that people review their severe weather safety plan. That means knowing how to receive warnings, where to take shelter and how to continue to get information. And, when the sirens sound, emergency management officials say that’s the time to put your plan in action. After the drill, evaluate how the plan worked, make changes if needed and test the plan again.

The statewide drill, which happens every year, is part of Severe Weather Awareness Week.


ksgardener 6 years, 2 months ago

In my neighborhood a siren usually means going outside and looking at the clouds.

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