For a quick room makeover, look to lighting solutions

Ever wonder how designers make the rooms you see in magazines look so good? From fresh and airy to intimate and cozy, lighting sets the tone of a room.

So if you want a room makeover, use these tips from the lighting pros at Sylvania to brighten things up.

Dining Room

  • When installing light over the dining room table, be careful not to create shadows on your guest’s faces.

Living Room

  • For general lighting, use fixtures with a dimmer. The light source is concealed, and with dimming capabilities you can change the lighting of the room for various activities from reading to movie-watching.
  • Wall sconces and floor lamps are good sources of task lighting.


  • Use a low-wattage energy-efficient bulb to brighten up the closet.
  • Provide light for reading by choosing swing-arm or flexible bedside lamps.