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Pell Grant use surges at JUCOs

March 12, 2012


A study of Kansas community colleges shows the number of students receiving federal financial aid jumped dramatically as the nation struggled to recover from the recession.

Called “Powered By Pell: A Grassroots Perspective,” the study focuses on the flow of federal student aid across 17 of the state’s 19 community colleges. It found that from fall 2008 to fall 2010, the number of Pell Grants spiked by 75 percent, with 8,862 new grant awards. Simultaneously, Pell Grant dollars allocated to students at the Kansas institutions soared from approximately $20.5 million to about $40.4 million. The only two community colleges not to participate are in Pratt and Kansas City, Kan.

The study found nearly half of the college credits earned by Kansas community college students are funded, at least in part, by Pell Grants.


pace 6 years, 2 months ago

I approve of this investment. I would much rather see people going to jr colleges on Pell than bankers going to Bahama on my tax dollar. I think the pell grants are great. I would like to see more of the sham unaccredited colleges get closed down. They have been targeting and cheating the returning veterans. The sham training scams target pell eligible also. The VA should get a better educational advisers. Support our troops should be more than a yellow piece of plastic stuck on the rear of a SUV.

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