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Santorum wins Douglas County Republican caucus

March 10, 2012


GOP Caucus

Republicans voice their support for presidential candidates at Kansas GOP Caucus. Enlarge video

As Kansas went, so did Douglas County in picking a winner in the Republican Party presidential caucus on Saturday.

Former Pennsylvania senator Rick Santorum finished first among Douglas County GOP caucusgoers with 288 votes, followed by former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney with 233 votes.

U.S. Rep. Ron Paul of Texas, who appeared before a lively crowd at the Lied Center on Friday, placed third with 173 votes, and former U.S. House speaker Newt Gingrich ran fourth, with 81 votes.

Hundreds of Douglas County Republicans listened to speeches Saturday at Free State High School before voting.

Douglas County Republican Party Chairman Richard Todd said he hoped the caucus would generate excitement in the presidential race and local contests.

“We can’t lose with any one of these four guys,” Todd said referring to the GOP field. Republicans met statewide at 96 locations to select their preferred nominee. The voting will determine how the Kansas GOP allocates its 40 delegates to the Republican National Convention.

Weighing the options

Representatives for Gingrich, Paul, Romney and Santorum spoke to the Douglas County crowd, which filled up the bleachers on one side of a gymnasium at the high school.

Before the speeches, Ronnie Ching, a research analyst, said he was undecided on whom he would support.

Ching said that improving the economy and increasing jobs was the No. 1 issue.

“As a whole, people just need to have hope again,” he said.

He said the divisiveness of politics upset him, and he wanted candidates to focus more on ideas and proposals than prey on people’s emotions.

Brendan Golledge, a 20-year-old college student, attended the caucus to vote for Paul. He said Paul was the only candidate with a “sane” foreign policy who would keep the United States out of multiple wars.

Jon Hunt said he was leaning toward Santorum. Hunt had served as Douglas County campaign chairman for Texas Gov. Rick Perry, who dropped out of the race after several missteps.

Hunt said he would support whoever the Republican nominee is, but added that Romney “hasn’t closed the deal for me.”

Annette Fales of McLouth said she was supporting Santorum for his strong family views and his economic proposals.

Representatives speaking on behalf of the candidates tried to make the case that their candidate was the best one to face President Barack Obama and lead the country.

State Rep. Anthony Brown, R-Eudora, said Gingrich’s bold ideas and record when he was House speaker made him the most qualified candidate.

Brown admitted that he was concerned about Gingrich’s personal “baggage” but said he believed Gingrich was now a man of faith and family-oriented.

David Conway, an Iraq War veteran and philosophy student at Kansas University, said that while he was recovering from war injuries he became more interested in politics, and that led him to becoming a Paul supporter.

“A lot of people challenge him on foreign policy,” Conway said. “His foreign policy is obeying the Constitution.”

Tom Murray, an attorney from Lawrence, said Democrats are always attacking Romney because they know he can defeat Obama.

He said the November election will hinge on whether the Republican Party can lure back suburban middle- and upper-income voters in a handful of swing states. Romney is the most attractive candidate to those voters, he said.

Jim Meyer told Republicans to vote for their values and pick Santorum. He said that for the past several years, Republicans have nominated moderates and lost.

“We don’t win when we compromise our conservative values, but only when we stand boldly for them,” he said.

Douglas County leanings

The Douglas County vote total was divided between those who live in the 2nd Congressional District and those who live in the 3rd.

In the 2nd, Santorum received 164 votes; Romney, 150; Paul, 80 and Gingrich, 50. In the 3rd, Santorum got 124 votes, Paul 93, Romney, 83 and Gingrich, 31.

Several candidates who had already dropped out of the race received a smattering of votes, and there were several uncommitted Republicans, blank votes and 67 provisional ballots.

Todd said 855 people participated in the caucus, which was about the same number as in 2008. He said that he wished more people had attended and that voting went off without a hitch.


Steve Jacob 3 years ago

"We can't lose with any one of these four guys,"

Did he say that with a straight face? I know the overall winner will "kind of" unite the party because the hatred of Obama, but does any Republican like all four of those guys?

deec 3 years ago

"He said that for the past several years, Republicans have nominated moderates and lost.." Um...what? Seriously, what are these people smoking, and why aren't they sharing. Don't bogart that crazy, my friend.

Frederic Gutknecht IV 3 years ago

Dag nab it! If I'd ha' knowed spiked kooaid were beein' served I'd ha' let the mef lab burn an' hated on down!

Steve Jacob 3 years ago

No, I get it, just saying only Republicans read the Rasmussen polls.

Bob_Keeshan 3 years ago

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cato_the_elder 3 years ago

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JayhawkFan1985 3 years ago

All four of these candidates are losers. America is far better off with Obama.

Frederic Gutknecht IV 3 years ago

'Tis better to have a lame duck than a crazed fluck...I mean flock...of fluckers...flocking to further the flucking up of things...with the fling flang of the bling thang ringing in a wing ding dang sing song king.

Scott Morgan 3 years ago

JJ. have you ever had a thought for yourself? Mocking and joining in is so so much Lawrence. Ron Paul or any of the other candidates should be like an ear bug to you. Unless, you plan on not working, going to college until you're 54 and then sitting outside Free State beer joint.

Again, if your not invested in the U.S. these Conservative folks will make no sense. Obama............Ask not what you can do for your country, ask what the country can do for you.

JFK asked a very different question.

Frederic Gutknecht IV 3 years ago

If your dismissive words fall upon deaf ears, did your brown stuff fall in the comment section of a small mid-western website? Nothing we say here makes any difference at all, wiss. This is a place of entertainment, no matter how or how much you "think for yourself".

So...why are you here? Kansas is meaningless in a presidential election. Tell me this is not an original thought so that we can agree on something!

JayhawkFan1985 3 years ago

Fewer than 300 votes won in a county with 100,000 residents. I predict Obama in a landslide even winning KS.

Steve Jacob 3 years ago

Your joking about Obama winning Kansas right?

Fred Whitehead Jr. 3 years ago

Where do you think those 2 million dittoheads live?

JayhawkFan1985 3 years ago

Given the number of republicans participating in the caucuses, it doesn't appear that any of these clowns have support from anyone in KS.

Don Whiteley 3 years ago

I'd predict you're right. If the Republicans stand up Santorum, it will be one of the worst landslides since McGovern went down in '72. When are our parties going to learn that America will not elect a radical as President?

oldvet 3 years ago

" When are our parties going to learn that America will not elect a radical as President?"

Statement proven wrong in 2008 when a far-left radical was elected.

Steve Jacob 3 years ago

I guess the thousand people at the Paul rally where too high to get out of bed before noon today. .

Scott Morgan 3 years ago


Johnson.......whoops we gave away the farm.

Check the cost of living for we middle American grunts under Republican leaders.........

Carter Misery Index.......Obama should have the same standards as Carter. Cost of living under the Obama goofs.

secrettoalonglife 3 years ago

Sanatorium? Really, Santorum? C'mon.

secrettoalonglife 3 years ago

Sanatorium? Really, Santorum? C'mon.

yourneighbor 3 years ago

Annette of McLouth might note that her residence is not actually in Douglas County.

Fred Whitehead Jr. 3 years ago

There are Republicans in Douglas county??????????? I thought they all left and moved west.

geekin_topekan 3 years ago

I dont know what's the big deal. It aint like he was elected president or nuthing. They just weeded the pool out from 4 floating turds to one. no big deal.

Scott Morgan 3 years ago

Hey Libs...........check out Obama's record, then think Hope and Change. The dude has not done anything. 850 million stimulus bucks went to DC. Nobody, check nobody can name a single job created.

Repeat..........almost a billion bucks to just one area of our country, one of the highest per capita income areas to boot, and when the accountants get together they can only shrug shoulders and give moo moo eyes as if hey buddy not my money.

We will dissolve as a nation soon.

Scott Morgan 3 years ago

Drive by Free State Brewery on a warm afternoon and you can see the real democratic party sitting outside suckin booze and smoking ciggies.

There should be a law about balding old hippies and haircuts.

Mike Ford 3 years ago

Nice to know that many small towns in Franklin, Osage, Jefferson, and Leavenworth County were emptied and these intelligent people came here to make Kansas look good (LAUGH).

Carol Bowen 3 years ago

So, Santorum has more votes than Romney. There's a hint of conservative leanings, even in Douglas county. The governor 's race should be interesting.

Mike Ford 3 years ago

wissmo...nice to know you have nothing of value to keep talking.... some other dimwit will repeat your nonsense,,,,,

hs_reader 3 years ago

Santorum has no chance in hell in getting elected, so I do hope this fight for the election keeps going, it only hurts Romney's chances against Obama.

You can't get elected if you don't at least pretend to be politically correct and Santorum's stance on homosexuality is ridiculous. How is anyone even thinking he'd win? Socially conservative when it's tied to being fiscally conservative can win over some needed independent votes, but how can it when it is tied to bigotry?

Michael Rowland 3 years ago

I don't want to live on this planet anymore.

Armstrong 3 years ago

This should actually be a wakeup call to those living in the Lawrence liberal bubble. The county has chosen the most conservative candidate for the Republican ticket. Not that this makes any diffence but do any of you enlightened, party of tolerenace, hopey, changey folks ever wonder why you are the exception rather than the rule ???

Nah can't be you, it's everyone else right ?

grammaddy 3 years ago

Judging by comments on other sites, the whold world thinks we're nuts.There's a lot more to Kansas than Oz, the Phelps crew,Frothy, and flat earth. Especially in Douglas County.

Armstrong 3 years ago

100% dead on correct. "Judging by comments on other sites, the whold world thinks we're nuts."

rtwngr 3 years ago

Don't leave yourself out of the "embarrassing" equation, grammaddy.

just_another_bozo_on_this_bus 3 years ago

"Ching said that improving the economy and increasing jobs was the No. 1 issue.

“As a whole, people just need to have hope again,” he said.

He said the divisiveness of politics upset him, and he wanted candidates to focus more on ideas and proposals than prey on people’s emotions."

Prepare to be disappointed. This will be one of the nastiest campaigns in history (thanks to full funding from wealthy wackjobs and citizens united.)

And no matter who wins this election, the same redistributive pattern that's been in effect for the last 30 years will continue. In other words, the wealthy will do well no matter who wins, but considerably better if the Republican wins, and either way everyone else is screwed.

Michael LoBurgio 3 years ago


The procedure, whereby labor is induced to remove the fetus before it has any chance of surviving on its own, is considered by Mr. Santorum to be a ‘partial-birth abortion’, and he is correct. He also personally authorized one to save his wife, whom he loves.

Mr. Santorum is opposed to any and all forms of abortion. Incest? Too bad. Rape? Too bad. Twelve years old? Too bad . Wife, mother, daughter, lover, friend dying? Too bad.

This hypocrite needs to be kept out of all elective offices for the rest of his life.

“Abortion in any form is wrong,” said Santorum in 2000, three years after the tragedy. “Except for my wife. If your wife’s life was at stake and the only thing that could save her was an abortion, well, too bad. Your wife will have to die. It was different with my wife. You see, I love her. I don’t even know your wife’s name.”

Armstrong 3 years ago

Excellent job of bringing in the obscurity element. +1

ConcernedAmerican 3 years ago

As I said in a blog yesterday, this is one of the most important elections in decades as America slips and descends into an abyss. The main issues should be about the economy and the overwhelming loss of our civil liberties as citizens; not who does what to their own body, what they believe in or which side of the fence they choose to be on. As Dr. Ron Paul said at his rally on Friday, this is the beginning of an 'Intellectual revolution' (actually started 5 years ago) that will enlighten the masses, only if they take advantage of it. We as a society have become lazy slugs who wait for the next reality TV show, the next instructions from the corporate-run mass news media and the next incredible electronic toy. However, most of us are connected to the most invaluable source of truth, history and vital information through the internet and yet people still vote based on looks, faith, gut feelings, or do not vote at all. Learn to read again and look up the backgrounds of each of the candidates. Obama is a nice man, but he is letting the power get to his head. Romney is a nice guy but has no conviction. Newt, well, he's Newt. Santorum was run out of office after being found to be one of the most corrupt congressman 2 years in a row before he was ousted by his own state. Yet because of his 'faith and family first' convictions, he is now acceptable? Do Kansans really want a fake like him? I don't agree with everything Dr. Ron Paul says, but of the five candidates in the race, he is incorruptible and tells it like it is. He has for over 30 years in office. Start reading NOW; we might have time to save America.

just_another_bozo_on_this_bus 3 years ago

Global warming/climate change is the single biggest issue facing the human race right now, and Paul's worship of go-go capitalism would do nothing but drive us off that cliff long before any laissez-faire utopia could ever have a chance of establishing itself.

brewmaster 3 years ago

The headline should be:

"As expected, the Republicans of Kansas and Douglas County choose the bigoted, religious nutcase."

Michael LoBurgio 3 years ago

Santorum: "When I'm President, the only medical procedure that the government will pay for will be exorcism."

Richard Heckler 3 years ago

Tax cuts for the wealthy create tax increases and more debt ......... not less. Why?

Because the less government boys and girls have never created less government. It's all rhetoric. Aka BS!

When Reagan and GW Bush put millions upon millions upon millions out of work,out of medical insurance and out of retirement plans this increases the Social Services Budget big time. Not too damn smart.

When corporate america consistently ships millons of USA jobs abroad this puts millions upon millions upon millions out of work,out of medical insurance and out of retirement plans this increases the Social Services Budget big time. Not too damn smart.

Republicans support the above big time by refusing to replace jobs. Again NOT too damn smart.

Let me put this another way. It takes jobs jobs jobs jobs jobs jobs to create other jobs,to create a steady flow of new economic growth which creates a steady flow of tax dollars to the cookie jars which pays the bills in order to stop increasing taxes.

When the jobs are eliminated what happens? The flow of new money is drastically reduced thus leaving fewer to pay the bills that never went away which inevitably produces tax increases.

Flap Doodle 3 years ago

We know how much you miss President Reagan, merrill, but he's dead. At some point you have to start living again.

just_another_bozo_on_this_bus 3 years ago

What? Romney is a creature of Wall Street-- do you seriously think he's going to do anything to slow it down? He doesn't even hint that he would in any of his ever-shifting policy positions.

Richard Heckler 3 years ago

Santorum will bring back warmed over Bush family of politicians wreckanomics not fiscally responsible management of OUR tax dollars.

Santorum will bring more big government telling women what to do and giving more tax dollars to the wealthy corporate USA tax dollar moochers which is facism pure and simple.

Santorum is a wealthy white collar radical right wing extremists who by the way has spent his last few years as a lobbyists. Got defeated and run out of congress only to become a high dollar lobbyists.

What the hell are voters thinking? Since when does a defeated congressman and now a lobbyists make for a good choice?

Actually 3 of the 4 repub candidates fit the above description. Ron Paul is close and on the edge.

Richard Heckler 3 years ago

We must remember the country was under the government watch of Bush/Cheney who twice sent the economy down the tubes in 8 years.

  1. Their inability to keep the FBI on the trail 24/7 of the 9/11/01 culprits which sent the economy down the tubes. Yes citizens should have demanded loudly their resignations.

  2. The Bush/Cheney/Paulson home loan fraud perpetrated against America again sent the economy down the tubes. Where are the resignations?

In real life this type of management would have resulted in termination without question.

Since government malfeasance was the source of millions of jobs losses it seems it would be the role of government to put the unemployed back to work.......without question.

Armstrong 3 years ago

Yes, failed stimulus 1 and 2 should have taught us that. Right Merrill

cowboy 3 years ago

Things that had more than 300 people attend.....

hog judging seminar car wreck on 31st street any bar on mass st on game night the outhouse on friday night

Armstrong 3 years ago

Obama has the emotions covered, he fails on the ideas and proposal thingy

tylerray13 3 years ago

I'm not surprised, Kansas is known for being socially conservative. I mean come on, we just elected Brownback as our Governor. I am a little surprised that Douglas County didn't vote for Ron Paul, considering his large support from college students. I figured Johnson County and Wichita would go to Romney...but among my more moderate republican friends, none of them actually went to the caucuses. I'm sticking with Obama in November, but I seriously doubt he would ever take the state of Kansas. I'm also pretty sure Kevin Yoder will keep his seat in the 3rd congressional district after Dennis Moore voted for the healthcare reform. Kansas has always been pretty conservative, and unless there's a large population boom it will remain that way.

JayhawkFan1985 3 years ago

I don't think you can say Kansas has always been conservative. We started statehood as a very progressive state that led to the end of slavery in this country. Dwight Eisenhower and Bob Dole weren't "conservatives." They were "moderates." The only moderates left in Kansas are now Democrats. Kansas Democrats are further right than Massechusetts Republicans like Romney. Romney has taken a sharp turn right just to get through the nomination process...

John McCoy 3 years ago

Is Lawrence even in the same universe with the rest of Kansas?

patkindle 3 years ago

why does anyone evem worry about kansas or a primary?

obama will be the president after the next election the welfare rats will make sure they load the ballot boxes so the hope and change guy will keep robbing from the working class and pay to the underachieners that are too smart to work

lwctown 3 years ago

I certainly hope the next republican president can restore us to the prosperity of the bush Cheney wait the Clinton/gore years...but wait they werent republican....hmm...maybe Kansas should learn something from that.

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