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Anti-abortion bill that concerns KU Med Center will be considered next week, chairman says

March 8, 2012


— An anti-abortion bill that has the Kansas University Medical Center concerned about its accreditation will be worked on next week, the chairman of the House Federal and State Affairs Committee said Thursday.

Rep. Steve Brunk, R-Wichita, had initially said the committee would work on the bill Thursday. But on Thursday, Brunk said the committee was backed up with other bills, and it will probably be Tuesday or Wednesday before it can work on House Bill 2598, called the No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act.

Abortion opponents are urging passage of the bill, which makes numerous changes to state law restricting abortions.

One provision of the bill states: “no health care services provided by any state agency, or any employee of a state agency while acting within the scope of such employee’s employment, shall include abortion.”

That could cause problems for KU Medical Center’s residents, who are considered state employees, and accreditation of its Obstetrics/Gynecology program.

KU Medical Center said that accreditation requirements for Obsetrics/Gynecology residencies require that residents gain experience with induced abortion and complications due to abortion, unless they have a religious or moral objection.

Brunk and KU officials said legislators are trying to work on an amendment to the bill to address the issue.


Enlightenment 6 years ago

Don't you think that if you have to make an amendment to the abortion bill to allow a public medical center to keep its accreditation that it should not even be considered?

Mercy 6 years ago

Let's restate this in a more precise manner, "The accreditation requirements for Obsetrics/Gynecology residencies require that residents gain experience with killing little boys and girls and complications due to killing little boys and girls." Come on!

ebyrdstarr 6 years ago

I am going to trust the boards that certify doctors and medical schools more than I will legislators to know what procedures doctors should and should not know.

Celeste Plitz 6 years ago

Fine with me Mercy. But you'll have to excuse me for not considering a lima-bean sized fetus a "little girl or boy". Pro-Lifers(I'm going to assume you are one) don't seem to get that abortion is going to happen, no matter what. Women have made their own decisions about their own bodies for thousands of years. Now all of a sudden women are told they are too stupid to make their own decisions regarding their own bodies. Training is essential for doctors to be able to take care of the patients in their care. Women, will DIE if these draconian laws continue to be passed. Women, who may have families who depend on them, who already have a full, valuable lifetime already lived and a future mapped out, will DIE. A fetus is NOT the same. Not by a long shot. There is a very real need for this sort of training, and not necessarily for the reasons you might think. When a woman has a miscarriage, similar procedures are used to make sure all the tissue is flushed from the body. How about an ectopic pregnancy? Are you going to doom a woman who is hemorrhaging to the point of it being a life or death situation? Or will you allow her to get an abortion? True life story, a woman nearly died from hemorrhaging when the hospital doctor on call would not perform the life-saving abortion on her due to his religious beliefs. You would condemn her for the life of a fetus, who would die anyway once she did? That's seriously messed up thinking, and I see that sort of thinking all the time. So tell me, is this what you want for women?

Celeste Plitz 6 years ago

Just one example why this bill is so dangerous if it passes. What if this was your sister? Daughter? Niece?

Enlightenment 6 years ago

I hate how a fetus is given more rights than a women.

Cait McKnelly 6 years ago

You aren't "pro-life". Mercy. You're anti-abortion, pro forced birthing and anti-woman. You would let women die, force women with malformed fetuses to carry them to term and then watch them die (despite the fact that the last ten weeks of that pregnancy would put that fetus through sheer hell) and use out and out lies as scare tactics (there is no breast cancer/abortion link nor is there any link between abortion and mental illness) to terrorize women into not aborting. You would permit physicians to actively lie to women about their own health or that of their fetus because having that information just might make them abort to save their own life or prevent their baby from suffering. And you want to call yourself "pro-life"? Get real.

ebyrdstarr 6 years ago

Amen. I told another poster earlier this week that I thought I loved him (her?). I might have to add you to that list.

How anyone can think it's pro-life to let a woman bleed to death in a hospital is beyond me. There's nothing pro-life about allowing two living, breathing children to lose a mother. There's nothing pro-life about viewing women as nothing more than the incubator.

I feel like I've been transported back into the 60s and all the things my mother assumed I would never have to deal with are back to being fights I have to participate in. We were supposed to have won already.

Cait McKnelly 6 years ago

I wrote this earlier at my blog: "So what's the answer?" "EDUCATION! The more women (and men too, for that matter) know what lies and mistruths, misconceptions and misinformation is being presented to them by their legislators, the more ammunition there is to fight back and challenge them. LEARN what these people are saying and LEARN whether or not it's the truth. Wrap yourself in the righteousness of fact as much as they wrap themselves in the righteousness of religion."

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