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100 years ago: Local teacher brings music appreciation into school

March 8, 2012


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for March 8, 1912:

  • "If you think that the phonograph does not have one of the best missions in life then you are very much mistaken for it is now performing a new service, that of taking good music to the country schools. A noteworthy instance of this is at the Bracket School Number 54, where the teacher, Miss Lybarger, has organized two societies and where a phonograph is used as one of the main features. In this way the best music is taken to the pupils.... Each [society] is to give a program every two weeks on Friday afternoon. Roy Webster is president of Society No. 1 and Ernest Kasold is president of No. 2."
  • "An auto accident occurred yesterday afternoon on South Massachusetts street when the wheels of Geo. Chambers' auto skidded on the snow and the car struck a buggy. Mrs. N. Eager, one of the occupants, was thrown from the buggy, but fortunately she fell into a snow bank and was not injured, except a slight bruise and being badly frightened. The car and the buggy did not escape as fortunately."
  • "Two [Christiana, Norway] newspapers today received dispatches from Captain Amundsen announcing that he had reached the South Pole, December 14, 1911. The dispatches were sent from Hobart, Tasmania. Rejoicing over Amundsen's success is widespread over Norway. The explorer says that he is pleased with the results of the expedition but otherwise maintains absolute silence.... Nothing has been heard from Captain Scott.... The honor of the achievement must be given to the Norwegian explorer until Scott announces the result of his expedition."


FlintlockRifle 6 years, 1 month ago

Awe Bracket School, our teacher thought we needed music culture also, a fellow from Lawrence would come out to our school once a week to "try" and teach us how to play the accordian , the only thing I remember on the squeeze box is one note on the keyboard had a dipple in it, maybe the "c" note?? These guys had a worst ball team than us and we could ""usually"" come out on top, thanks Miss Sarah for the memories, from 65 plus years ago. Oh one more thing the old Bracket school is just east of Hy-Vee on west 6th, and Monterey Way.

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