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Do-it-yourself home projects help you save

March 5, 2012


This year, everyone is looking to save on their household budget. But just because you’re scaling back doesn’t mean you can’t make some improvements around the house.

Use these DIY home improvement and cleanup tips to help revamp your home, without spending a fortune.

Repaint the walls

One great way to update your home without having to replace carpeting or furniture is to refresh walls with a fresh coat of paint. Determine the amount of paint needed by using an online calculator, such as the one provided at

To save even more, simply update the paint on doors, cabinets and crown molding, rather than the walls. Likewise, you can paint an accent wall along a hallway, or within your kitchen or living room, rather than the entire space.

Install shelving in the garage

Who couldn’t use extra storage space? For many, additional storage may mean looking beyond the house to the garage. Find a variety of storage solutions that fit within your budget — from finishing rod racks to cabinets and overhead ceiling-mounted shelving — at retail stores such as

Replace hardware

If you’d love to renovate, but it’s simply not in the budget for this year; make small updates now that you can incorporate into later construction projects. One small trick is to replace the hardware in highly trafficked areas, such as the kitchen or the bathroom. Replace cabinet handles or knobs and drawer pulls. While replacing hardware, make sure to give your door hinges and drawer tracks a good oiling to prevent squeaking.

Give your car a tune-up

When it comes to saving, learning how to maintain your vehicle can go a long way in terms of managing your household budget. Remember, you should change the oil in your car every 3,000 miles or 3 months. Check out for videos on how to check, fill or change your oil and other auto maintenance tips. For quick cleanup post tune-up, try Grime Boss wipes to remove oil and grime from your car, your surfaces and even your hands.


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