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Book review: ‘Drop In’ a gnarly tale about skateboarding, dude

March 5, 2012


“Drop In” by Donald Lemke, volume 1 of the “Tony Hawk’s 900 Revolution” series, starts when Tony Hawk lands the first ever 900-degree spin on a skateboard. That is two and a half spins!

After he lands the trick, Tony lifts his board over his head in celebration. But suddenly the board explodes into thousands of pieces, or fragments. These fragments scatter all over the world. There is a group called the “Revolution” that is trying to recover and reunite the fragments to form Tony’s board again.

The group believes that when united, the fragments will become the most powerful thing in the world by exposing a closed portal. A kid by the name of Omar unknowingly gets involved with hunt after one of the members of the Revolution saves him when he falls off a pier while trying to grind its safety rail.

Although Tommy is Omar’s best friend, he isn’t his partner in this quest. Tommy was forced to join a rival group, which was also attempting to recover the fragments. While Omar is suspicious, he can’t prove Tommy is working against him. These two groups are locked in a fierce competition to be the first to gather the fragments and rebuild the board and they will go to extreme lengths to do so.

I personally LOVED this book. In some places, it was a tad hard to follow, but it was a great read. If you read this book, you will be reading a very entertaining story about bravery, believing in yourself and even betrayal.

— Zach Yarbrough is a sixth grader at Lexington Trails Middle School in De Soto.


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