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100 years ago: City finds solution for unshoveled walks, unpaid court costs

March 5, 2012


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for March 5, 1912:

  • "Babe Strode and Levi Washington have joined the ranks of Marshal Carter's show shovelers, taking up their duties this morning. Levy pleaded guilty to being drunk and was fined in the sum of $6.50 which he did not have and was committed. He started to secure this amount with a big snow shovel. 'Babe' Strode was charged with fighting, but insisted upon a trial. He was convicted, after which he immediately informed the court that he would appeal whereupon a fine of $50 and costs was assessed by the court. But 'Babe' was unable to give the $100 appeal bond required by the court."
  • "A few years ago a farmer boy got the idea in his head that he was a 'born actor' and ought to go on the stage. Some of his friends who heard it smiled to his face and laughed loudly to his back. But he was no 'quitter' and to say he has 'made good' is telling it mildly indeed, for today Frank Wade is not only an actor but a manager and owns and controls several theatrical companies. Whenever he is in the west he never forgets 'his home town' for he is with the company that is booked for The Bowersock Friday, March 8th. This company is, as a theatrical paper expresses it, 'one real show.' It has fifty-two people, two cars of scenery and electrical effects and is said to be up-to-date in every particular. Lawrence people will no doubt greet them with a 'capacity house' and give Frank Wade the glad hand in the bargain."
  • "The condition of Quincy School has for some time been a source of anxiety to parents and patrons. The charge is brought that this ancient structure is ill-ventilated and poorly lighted and unhygienic. Reputable citizens have made the assertion that their children's eyes have been ruined through constant attendance at this school. If the conditions in this school are as charged, then a grave situation exists which should be met by prompt action."


FlintlockRifle 6 years, 2 months ago

If the "snow shovel fine" was used today all the walks and even some streets could be cleaned here in Lawrence, but not this year, where is the snow?

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